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PowerVision Unveils New Livestream, Video Conferencing Capabilities for Poweregg X Drone

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 PowerVision Robot Corporation, the only company in the world producing aerial, water-surface, and underwater robotic devices, as well as the only robotic company to achieve mass production of underwater AI robotic devices, has announced that its award-winning high-performance drone, the PowerEgg X, now supports livestreaming and video conferencing capabilities.

As part of the 2.1.2 update for the PowerEggX firmware, livestreaming and videoconferencing build upon the drone’s already impressive features and performance.

“With the exponential growth in global virtual events, conference organizers, producers, and participants are looking for a more dynamic production experience. The PowerEgg X’s new features set a new standard for innovating the future of both live and virtual events and exhibitions,” said Wally Zheng, founder and CEO of PowerVision.

The PowerEgg X first debuted at CES 2020, instantly raising the bar for multi-functional smart drones. With its industry-leading IPX6 waterproof case, the 2.1.2 update further sets the PowerEgg X away from its competition with the global aerial drone industry.

Livestreaming with PowerEgg X

With the rapid growth of livestreaming during a time of global change, many people have been taking to social media. Livestreaming has become an incredibly popular way for people to connect with their audience. Livestreaming can now be used on PowerEgg X directly through the drone mode and AI camera mode.

Immersive Livestreaming

With SyncVoice Technology embedded in PowerEgg X, users are able to record their first impression with high-fidelity audio remotely. This provides an authentic livestreaming experience where the user’s audience can really imagine themselves in the moment. New perspectives are synonymous with drones, and now with incredible remote audio capabilities — the PowerVision PowerEgg X opens up the game once again.

Smart AI Livestreaming

PowerVision has also integrated smart AI into PowerEgg X, which employs hand gesture control and facial recognition to make the entire livestream experience more intelligent. Users can start their livestream with a panning shot of an epic scene with a simple hand gesture. Facial recognition is great for dynamic livestreams — giving the audience a walking tour, immersing their audiences into a new environment, or simply focus on exploring while the audience follows every new development.

Livestreaming Compatibility

The new 2.1.2 update for the PowerEgg X supports major livestream platforms like YouTube, Periscope, and TikTok. For TikTok, only users with over 1,000 followers will be able to host a livestream.

Video Conferencing with PowerEgg X 

With global events affecting the operations of businesses and employees around the world, video conferencing has become an increasingly popular and important way for people to connect. Industries have been on the lookout for innovative ways to increase productivity and people have been looking for ways to connect to their friends and loved ones. The new 2.1.2 PowerEgg X update also supports video conferencing in both hand-held and AI camera mode.

HD Video Conferencing

The PowerEgg X features 720p and 1080p video conferencing options, which provides better video quality than many consumer laptops on the market. The PowerEgg X can be used in a handheld mode, which opens up options for professional video conferencing.

Immersive Video Conferencing

The new PowerEgg X video conferencing mode enables the user to stay on top of everything. PowerEgg X features a 170̊ auto-tracking angle along with a three-axis motorized gimbal that keeps your video conferences clear, smooth, and professional.

Smart AI Video Conferencing

In another great move to make video conferencing as smooth as possible, PowerVision has incorporated existing hand gesture controls and AI facial recognition technology for the new video conferencing mode. The PowerEgg X can start a video conference with a small hand gesture — which totally gets rid of those awkward video conference moments when your face is up against the camera while you press some buttons to start. It’s as simple as setting up behind the AI drone, making a hand gesture, and getting started. It’s called Smart AI for a reason.

The second addition to PowerEgg X’s smart AI video conferencing is facial recognition, which tracks and recognizes your face in a video conference. This means you can hold a video conference while moving around and with multiple people in the same room. Smart AI video conferencing is a great feature that makes stale video conferencing more dynamic.

Video Conferencing Compatibility

The new 2.1.2 update for the PowerEgg X supports video conferencing for major platforms like Zoom, Skype, and more, for both Windows and Mac systems.

Pricing and Availability

The PowerEgg X is available on Amazon, and through PowerVision.me. The PowerEgg X Explorer retails for $899 USD, the PowerEgg X All-Weather at $999 USD, and the PowerEgg X Wizard for $1,249 USD.

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