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Martin UAV Unveils the V-BAT 128, Newly Upgraded V-BAT Model

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PLANO, Texas, PRNewswire/ — Martin UAV, a leading advanced aviation technology manufacturer in the United States, today announced the public release of the latest unmanned aircraft system (UAS), the V-BAT 128, for defense and commercial use, including search and rescue, firefighting, logistic resupply, and energy and oil and gas operations

At the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE), Martin UAV demonstrated its upgraded version of the V-BAT featuring an increase in its power, payloads and endurance over the course of several weeks. The V-BAT flew numerous missions, ideal to showcase the VTOL and the small footprint of the vehicle as well as the aircraft’s ability to transition from take-off to a vertical hover and persistent stare capability while maintaining a sensor line of sight in spite of difficult terrain.

“Martin UAV continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for unmanned aircraft systems,” said Heath Niemi, chief development officer. “We have listened to the customer and expanded the capabilities and agility of the V-BAT, delivering technology that serves a wider range of mission needs. We’re proud to make the V-BAT available to the broader market and to provide more power and payload that can be transported in the bed of a pick-up truck, or, inside a Black Hawk.”

As the interest and adoption of UAV/UAS increases across commercial industries, the company stated a renewed commitment to support these verticals adapting to new technologies, making UAVs more accessible and easier to implement.

The V-BAT is designed to make transportation and rapid tactical deployment easier for both defense and commercial application, assembled by two personnel in less than 30 minutes. The aircraft’s duct fan propulsion design provides for top operational safety by eliminating exposed rotors, which are commonly found in propeller-driven VTOLs.

V-BAT 128 is ideal for takeoff and landing on both stationary and moving platforms, in areas with a footprint of less than 12 feet-by-12 feet. Among the improvements made by Martin UAV are enhancements to the engine, a remote-start 288cc 2-stroke EFI, increased horsepower, 11-plus hours of endurance, and up to 25 pounds of interchangeable payloads for mission-specific requirements. With a wingspan of 9.7 feet, the V-BAT 128 can reach 90+ knots reaching altitudes of 20,000 feet.

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