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Palantir and Toronto-based startup, AirMatrix, Announce Partnership

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Palantir and Toronto-based startup, AirMatrix, Announce Partnership

Palantir Technologies Inc. and AirMatrix, a trailblazer in airspace infrastructure technology announced a strategic partnership to accelerate and scale its drone operations by leveraging Palantir Foundry through the Foundry for Builders Program. The partnership will provide AirMatrix’s clients with airspace security, including threat detection, compliance enablement, and risk mitigation through cutting-edge situational awareness available in the market globally.

With Foundry, AirMatrix’s customers, which range from large city managers, airspace regulators, enterprises, drone pilots, airports, and defense organizations, will benefit from the partnership through bridging data integration and airspace security. The Foundry Ontology allows the extraction of valuable insights from complex data landscapes which AirMatrix proprietarily derives, including those relevant to autopilots in complex environments from updated urban data sets, micro-weather, millimeter-precise aerial coordinates, accurate maps, aerial uplink and downlink speeds, electromagnetic interference, ground-based radar, radio-frequency interference, telecommunications data, and more. This stitching ultimately provides a comprehensive, real-time view of the client’s airspace, enabling seamless, secure, and efficient operation of drones and other low-altitude vehicles between 0-1200 feet above ground level.

“We live in a world where drones are inevitable, our success as an organization is bound to a world where they are used for good, as much as artificial intelligence and humans can possibly help it, together,” said Bashir Khan, CEO of AirMatrix. 

AirMatrix joins a host of other Canadian businesses who work with Palantir from energy to financial services and manufacturing. Leveraging the Foundry for Builders Program, AirMatrix has begun enhancing both of its commercial drone software products, Libra, as well as Palladium. Libra is an advanced airspace management platform which gives civil authorities the ability to scale and manage drone traffic effectively, while generating revenue as commercial drones take to the sky. Palladium is a software product which empowers drone operators to scale operations, fly drones legally, plan and execute missions, as well as manage 3D-optimized routes to the millimeter level.

“Palantir’s commitment to solving the world’s most complex problems is key to the partnership, as drone technology is increasingly being employed not only for beneficial outcomes in commercial applications but also for nefarious or illicit purposes,” said David MacNaughton, Director & Head of Palantir Technologies Canada. “At Palantir Canada, we are excited to help AirMatrix accelerate and scale its business, leveraging local engineering expertise to help secure our airspace.”

Backed by years of product development and hardened by major organizations around the world, Palantir Foundry is a full end-to-end platform that connects data and analytics with real world outcomes. Today, startups are leveraging Foundry as their core platform for combining disparate data, harmonizing it, and building applications faster and more sustainably than before. 

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