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1UP Aerial Drone Services Announces That It Will Offer Drone Defense Services

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1UP Drones has announced that it will now be offering drone defense services to protect businesses and individuals against unauthorized drones. This well-rounded protection service will utilize radar, RF sensors, and acoustic monitoring for wide-area detection and early warning, with integrated alarms, automated summary reporting, and a continually updated drone database that is automatically pushed to third-party APIs. The integrated solution will allow entities to take immediate action or capture and store forensic evidence for analysis in the future. The solution is scalable and customizable for any site and is designed to assess the threat, provide situational awareness of the threat, and take proper countermeasures against the threat.

“We are very excited about this new service,” states Chuck Adams, CEO of 1UP Aerial Drone Services. “It often takes a long time for laws to catch up to technology; meanwhile, stadiums, airports, prisons, outdoor events, critical infrastructure, and even corporations are being exposed to nefarious drone flights. Drone popularity has grown so much in recent years and with that comes responsibility. Most will use drones for good, for example law enforcement, land surveying, or even for safe personal hobbyist use like the DRL (Drone Racing League). However, with this growing popularity, some have started using their drones for mischievous, criminal behavior, and even a growing trend of cyber security threats. This is why the drone defense services are so important for businesses or even personal homes.”

According to Goldman Sachs, drone technology will become a $100 billion industry by the end of 2020. Although drones can be used to help and solve problems for businesses, they can also be utilized for malicious or nefarious tasks. Recently, drone users have interfered with aircrafts, carried illicit drugs to inmates and over national borders; they have even caused injuries to pop singers, athletes, and politicians. Thus, 1UP Drones’ drone defense service is pertinent for many industries such as the federal government and military, correctional facilities, local government and first responders, airports, energy/utility companies, enterprises and data centers, stadiums and arenas, and public events. Private property owners can also benefit.

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