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ePropelled Unveils The Most Comprehensive Product Line For UAVs On The Market Today

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ePropelled, the Massachusetts-based technology company offering leading-edge electromagnetic systems, unveils today the next-generation family of power generation and propulsion products for UAV and other aviation applications. The ePropelled UAV product line consists of starter generators, intelligent power systems, DC supplies and electronic engine starters that operate with  internal combustion engines, and electric propulsion motors and air motor controllers for eVTOLs, full  electric and hybrid aircrafts.

The entire family of products is the smartest and most comprehensive product line for UAVs and drones on the market due to its software control and advanced data and analytics capabilities. The power systems are modular and offer UAV designers the unique option to add hybrid technology for power assist or range extension.

“Our systems are fully integrated and allow aircraft designers the time to focus on other aspects of their job. All of our products come in various sizes to meet hundreds of possible applications and pairing products together gives aircraft designers added flexibility and capabilities,” said Nabeel Shirazee, CTO of ePropelled. “Our innovative solutions are upwards of 50% lighter, have high energy efficiency, and our patented technology enables continuous operating  temperatures approaching 205°C/400°F enabling aircraft to fly smarter and farther.”

Power and propulsion systems are critical to the success of ever-changing and complicated UAV mission profiles. Considering both during the design can contribute to lighter and more efficient aircraft. Built in software enables the operator to receive real time data monitoring, device information, connection status, event-based alerts, engine starter functionality, and acknowledgement of transmitted messages. This critical information can alert the pilot to fuel and other device emergencies allowing them to land the aircraft safely.

Nick Grewal, CEO of ePropelled, explains, “ePropelled recognizes the importance of high-performance electric propulsion and power systems in the commercial and defense UAV markets. These markets are poised to revolutionize how people and goods move, how companies collect data and how security is ensured. ePropelled is the only company that has both UAV power and propulsion systems. These products were designed with the customer in mind using quality materials, state-of-the-art engineering and testing, and real-world applications.”

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