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SunPower and EagleView Automate Home Survey Process for Faster, More Precise Solar Installations

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SunPower, a leading solar technology and energy services provider, and EagleView, a leading technology provider of aerial analytics, announced a new agreement to reduce solar installation timelines and costs. SunPower has combined EagleView’s high-resolution Roof Reports with the new mySunPower™ Home Survey app, enabling our solar installers and contractors to create precise, construction-ready solar designs without a home visit. The feature set is now available to the company’s nationwide network of more than 600 SunPower residential dealers.

Every new solar installation requires a custom design tailored to the home’s unique roof and electrical system. This is traditionally done with an in-person survey, which requires professionals to assess the house and take roof measurements, either via drone or manually. With constraints including customer schedules, weather, drone training and certification, in-person surveys are cumbersome for homeowners, costly for installers, and extend solar installation cycle timelines.

The mySunPower Home Survey app with EagleView Roof Reports provides installers all the information they need to create final solar designs without site visits. The app is designed to replace ladder-climbing and drone photography with industry-first machine learning technology. Straight from the app, homeowners take photos of their home’s structural and electrical components from ground level. SunPower’s patent-pending artificial intelligence software automatically evaluates images and provides real-time feedback to homeowners on photo completeness and clarity. EagleView Roof Reports include aerial imagery and proprietary 3D models that clarify roof characteristics with unprecedented accuracy.

By removing the in-person site survey, SunPower can reduce project cycle times by up to two weeks and eliminate costs associated with sending a site surveyor to the home.

For more than 20 years, EagleView has been capturing high-resolution oblique and orthogonal aerial imagery with proprietary camera systems installed on their own low-flying aircraft. With patented and proven computer vision technologies, EagleView digitizes structures to generate highly accurate three-dimensional models of homes delivered as their Inform™ for Solar product line. These 3D models have been delivered as a variety of data sets for various industries for over a decade.

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