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Leonardo Unveils New C-UAS Planning & Assessment Tool: Skytender

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Leonardo Unveils New C-UAS Planning & Assessment Tool: Skytender

At AOC Europe 2024, the annual electronic warfare conference, Leonardo Canada Electronics has launched its innovative new C-UAS (counter-uncrewed air system) Planning and Assessment Tool, called SkyTender. Representing the latest in simulation technology from Leonardo Canada – Electronics (LCE), SkyTender addresses requirements for effective C-UAS solutions in foreign and congested radio frequency (RF) environments.

Drawing upon over a century of Leonardo’s electronic warfare expertise and LCE’s 30+ years of experience in electronic warfare simulation, SkyTender enables users to simulate C-UAS effectiveness prior to physical deployment, aiding pre-acquisition evaluation, pre-mission planning and the efficient set-up of ground based air defence equipment. SkyTender ensures maximum effectiveness in countering uncrewed air systems by determining optimal sensor deployment and placement.

SkyTender offers a comprehensive set of capabilities, developed to meet the evolving UAS challenges faced by armed forces and security organisations. The tool is able to evaluate spectral environments and topography and simulate threats, sensors and platforms, in combination with cyber, electromagnetic and kinetic effects. Operators can optimise the Detect, Track, and Identify functions of their C-UAS solutions, enabling them to plan, test, evaluate, rehearse, and refine C-UAS mitigation options effectively.

The tool caters to multiple operational domains, ensuring readiness and superiority across all RF environments. SkyTender provides an intuitive user interface for defining operational environments and accessing pre-configured scenarios and library assets. Supported by comprehensive training and support services, SkyTender ensures the readiness and effectiveness of defense and security personnel.

SkyTender joins Leonardo’s portfolio of C-UAS capabilities, which includes complete sense-to-effect systems that are already protecting airspaces, installations and people against the threat posed by rogue drones. The company’s modular, scalable C-UAS systems are readily exportable worldwide and its Falcon Shield C-UAS system was recently acquired for operation with the Canadian Armed Forces. This followed Falcon Shield’s success in service with the UK Armed Forces, where it has ensured the protection of critical assets and national security. Elsewhere, Leonardo’s ACUS-Enhanced C-UAS system is on contract with the Italian Armed Forces.

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