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Flirtey Granted Patent Enhances Safety in Drone Delivery

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Flirtey, the industry-leading drone delivery service, announced today it has been granted a key patent that will enhance its fundamental technology with an additional component to safety in drone flights and deliveries. This granted patent will enhance safety when drone manufacturers implement technologies such as parachutes, while a drone is in flight and when it is delivering a package.

The patent recognizes the ability of a drone’s technology to detect an error in operation while the drone is in flight, ultimately deploying a safety mechanism, if necessary. This action further alleviates the risk of contact and/or injury to bystanders, while also sparing the unmanned aircraft.

Flirtey’s advanced drone delivery technology has unique capabilities unavailable from any other manufacturer. In addition to the startup’s industry-leading drone, the Flirtey Eagle, the Flirtey Portal is its sophisticated takeoff and landing platform, which enables scalable store-to-door operations.  Lastly, Flirtey’s autonomous software platform enables drones to deliver safely with one Flirtey operator overseeing ten Flirtey delivery drones.

Flirtey’s ability to manufacture its aircraft from the ground up within its own facility has accelerated the safety, reliability and production of its technology.

Furthermore, Flirtey has built and patented a safety and anti-tampering system so that if someone pulled on the delivery tether, the tether has the ability to detach from the drone, ensuring safety.

Flirtey holds over 25 patents, granted and pending, in the United States and worldwide.

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