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Dedrone Launches DedroneOnTheMove for Fight against Unauthorized and Malicious Drones

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Dedrone Launches DedroneOnTheMove for Fight against Unauthorized and Malicious Drones

 Dedrone, the global leader in smart airspace security, today announced the launch of its latest airspace security solution, DedroneOnTheMove (DedroneOTM). This solution expands Dedrone’s suite of offerings for agile, modular, adaptable, battle-proven counter-drone defense for expeditionary forces deployed in volatile or high-risk environments. DedroneOTM was developed in partnership with several Dedrone customers, partners and world-renowned defense suppliers like Supacat, and it will be on display at Eurosatory from June 17-21 in Paris.  

DedroneOTM is equipped with Dedrone’s award-winning Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems (cUAS) command and control (C2) sensor-fusion platform for 360-degree drone detection, DedroneTracker.AI, which has consistently performed at a 95% accuracy level for all defense and civilian Counter small Uncrewed Aerial Systems (CsUAS) test events with direction finding within 2.5 degrees of accuracy for defeat, including kinetic defeat systems.

“Ukraine has shown the world that all conflicts, now and in the future, will heavily feature drones for surveillance, combat, long-range strikes and more. DedroneOTM was created in response to this paradigm shift in warfare, offering a fully mobile cUAS kill chain to make ground movements safer,” said Rob Campbell, General Manager of Dedrone Defense. “We continue to work closely with our defense partners to continuously test, develop and improve new technologies for the dynamic and complex environments in which today’s forces operate.”  

The vehicle-mounted DedroneOTM solution offers detection, tracking, identification and mitigation (DTI-M), leveraging DedroneSensors combined with mitigation from Dedrone’s smart handheld jammer (DedroneDefender) to deliver a complete CsUAS DTI-M kill chain. DedroneSensors, informed by the DedroneDNA library, can detect the largest variety of drones of any sensor on the market, and the library is continuously updated with new drone signatures. In total, DedroneDNA can identify over 200 different drone types, including the Orlan-10, from 70 manufacturers, including DJI and Zala, as well as many homemade and FPV drones. Dedrone has invested heavily in a world-class Signals Intelligence team to continuously improve its industry-leading drone DTI-M capabilities by processing live data from the Ukrainian battlespace.  

The DedroneOTM solution includes:

  • Comprehensive DedroneTracker.AI sensor-fusion platform
  • Robust DedroneDNA library with over 200 drone protocols, including FPV, DIY and emerging battlefield drones sourced by designated Signals Intelligence team
  • Precise targeting capability with accuracy of 2.5 degrees offering kinetic kill viability
  • Dedrone passive RF detection sensor(s)
  • Ruggedized on-vehicle compute tablet with networking
  • Telescopic mast (optional)
  • DedroneDefender handheld smart jammer
  • MIL-STD-1275 compatible vehicle power supply
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810H weather and vibration specifications

“National security initiatives now must include multiple layers of counter-drone capabilities to be truly comprehensive. Governments around the world understand this new reality, which is why we partner with six of the G7 nations, the Ukrainian defense forces and a total of 20 government entities around the world. DedroneOTM is the latest product of these close working relationships, focused on force protection on the move,” said Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone. “Like all of our solutions, DedroneOTM features our comprehensive C2 sensor-fusion platform powered by AI/ML, DedroneTracker.AI — providing forces easy to deploy, affordable and comprehensive airspace security needed in conflict situations.”  

DedroneOTM is compatible with any military vehicle currently in the field, and Dedrone has established a new partnership with Supacat, a leader in high-mobility platforms, which will enable all variants in Supacat’s HMT family of vehicles to be equipped with DedroneOTM as a standard modular feature. Supacat will have an HMT 400 vehicle with DedroneOTM installed on display at its Eurosatory exhibit later this month.

“High Mobility Transporter vehicles are essential for effective operations. Supacat’s modular design capabilities allow for the integration of various mission systems to protect vehicles and troops, and effectively engage targets. Drones are widespread in today’s battlefield, so safeguarding against this new threat is critical. There is a solution! The DedroneOTM provides counter-drone capabilities, which offers the vehicles an increased level of protection, this technology will enhance the HMTs’ responsiveness, enabling the crew to maneuver around the battlefield more safely,” said Phil Applegarth, Managing Director, Head of Supacat. “DedroneOTM provides our Supacat HMT with unprecedented confidence to maneuver around the battlefield and counter new drone threats. We are looking forward to enhancing our relationship with Dedrone, and seeing HMT variants upgraded and in active service as soon as possible.”

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