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SVOLT Energy Technology First to Scale Production of Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries with Soteria Battery Innovation Group

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SVOLT Energy Technology Co., LTD. (SVOLT), a global advanced technology company and spin-off of Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors, is first to begin commercialization of lithium-ion batteries (LIB) utilizing safety technology from Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG). With technology that eliminates the root cause of thermal runaway and dramatically improves battery safety, SVOLT’s high-energy cells allow for more design freedom, providing confidence and reduced risk of recalls to their customers.

Commercially available in the third quarter of 2021, SVOLT’s new portfolio will utilize thin metallized film current collectors that improve energy density and weight, and enable cells to continue functioning after being damaged. These 5Ah, 10Ah, 20Ah and 60Ah pouch cells, and 60Ah prismatic cells will be optimized for full electric vehicles, electric eviation, drones, and more. “At SVOLT, we want to deliver the very safest batteries possible,” said Zhonglong Ma, SVOLT Vice President. “Implementing Soteria BIG’s technology enhances our product offering and shows our commitment to innovation.”

With a global production capacity of 200GWh and seven global R&D centers by 2025, SVOLT’s investment in R&D and state of the art equipment positions them as a pioneer in the LIB industry. “SVOLT stood out as an industry leader from the first time we spoke,” said Brian Morin, CEO of Soteria BIG. “They were the founding member of our consortium in China. With their expertise and capabilities, we feel they are the perfect partner to bring our safety technology to the market.”

Imperfections inside existing LIB architecture can lead to safety events. From steel boxes to cooling systems, advanced technology companies take every precaution to mitigate potentially unsafe cells that lead to costly recalls. Soteria BIG’s metallized film current collectors act as a fuse on the inside of a battery, allowing the battery to continue to function after damage, which can be important in critical situations, such as electric vehicles in a highway accident, or an electric aircraft in flight. SVOLT’s expert team will implement this technology to enable rugged durability for end-use applications with development support from Soteria BIG and its global consortium.

“SVOLT has produced high-quality NMC 811 cells with our materials that showed exceptional abuse tolerance,” said Carl Hu, CTO at Soteria BIG. “When the Soteria BIG releases its safety certification standard, we expect SVOLT cells to be the first to pass.”

This robust certification standard, developed by Soteria BIG, SVOLT and other consortium members, is designed to challenge and lift the entire industry to a new level of safety. The certification standard combines newly developed tests and existing tests, like IEC 62660-2, with stringent EUCAR level requirements after abuse. As the first to move towards commercialization and Soteria BIG certification, SVOLT’s new cell portfolio is ideal for anyone looking to improve the safety and durability of their products.

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