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SSenStone and Wooribyul sign MOA for joint research and commercialization of defense industry

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SSenStone signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Wooribyul, a leader of information security solutions and wired & radio ICT equipment in the defense industry, for joint research and businesses to advance Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems.

It is expected to create great synergy in the defense industry as an experienced ICT expert and a rising startup cooperate. Wooribyul has been recognized for its technological prowess in the defense industry through the development of security and ICT system for decades. SSenStone is expanding its business into the defense industry with swIDch, a SSenStone’s affiliates, selected as the Cyber@StationF partner by renowned Thales.

Under the MOA, the two companies will jointly develop a K-defense model that applies SSenStone’s One-Time Authentication Code (OTAC) technology to IFF in the defense industry. In addition, they plan to expand their business in the military and civilian sectors in relation to drones, which are increasingly being used in defense.

OTAC has been recognized for its technology and marketability at 175 global patents and numerous international awards. This remarkable technology is not reusable, never duplicates with others, and generates codes that change every time even without cellular networks.

In particular, OTAC technology provides excellent security performance of IFF systems in the defense industry, where exposure of static information may soon lead to fatal human damage. SSenStone’s amazing technology also provides an environment in which IFF can easily identify targets in one direction by generating unique dynamic random codes and authenticating generated values even without communication networks.

Wooribyul plans to first apply OTAC technology to the IFF system of military drones based on its technology and experience accumulated in the defense industry over the years. In addition to distinguishing friendly and enemy drones, IFF of military drones is an essential system to prevent control problems by identifying affiliation and information of friendly drones, and prevent unauthorized drones from stealing identification codes.

Yoo Chang-hun, CEO of SSenStone and swIDch said: “The defense industry demands the most secure authentication and identification of users and devices, and requires not only advanced technology, but also sufficient experience and ability to deploy. We will actively cooperate with Wooribyul, so that OTAC can become the most important authentication and identification technology in the defense industry in the future.”

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