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Drone Delivery Canada Provides Condor Update

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Drone Delivery Canada Corp is pleased to provide an update on the Condor drone development. The Company has successfully tested numerous aspects of the Condor solution at test ranges in Alma, Quebec at the Unmanned Aerial System Centre of Excellence, and in Foremost, Alberta at the UAS Test Range.  On November the 4th, 2021, the Company announced its Ontario Commercialization Centre, where Condor testing will continue, in addition to customer pre-delivery inspection, maintenance, training and customer demonstrations.  The Centre will also support testing and development of multiple DDC platforms, including the:  FLYTE software, Detect and Avoid (DAA) systems, Canary drone, DroneSpot depots, etc.

In addition to previously announced updates on Condor development and testing, the following further progress has been made – engine control unit (ECU) overhaul (avionics + engine overhaul), enhanced start-up procedure process, mechanical reliability improvements, upgraded to latest components (clutch, splitter gearbox, torque valves, etc).

Additionally, some items that remain to be completed – integration of automated weight & balance system, further testing with FLYTE software system, further payload testing, environmental testing, high speed testing, etc.

“We continue the development & testing of the Condor drone, and related necessary ecosystem components, and we are pleased with the progress & success we are having thus far.  This is something unique that has never been done before.  In a highly regulated and safety-centric industry, it’s important to be methodical and approach this innovative development in a disciplined way,” said Paul Di Benedetto, Company Co-Founder and Engineering Strategist.

“As a company in early-stage commercialization, and in a new and highly regulated industry, Condor progress continues at a pace commensurate with the overall complexity of the solution, global supply chain issues, and the impacts of the pandemic in Canada.  The Condor will come to market when the Company feels confident that it is ready.  Market response to the Condor has been favourable from prospects in Canada and internationally and we are pleased with what we think the Condor will bring to our customers and the industry in terms of potential logistical cost savings & efficiencies and incremental revenue opportunities,” said Michael Zahra, President & CEO of DDC.

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