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UVL Robotics launched the first in the Middle East service of daily drone-based parcels delivery

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US-based company with the presence in Oman, UVL Robotics, launched the first in the Middle East service of day-to-day parcels delivery based on drones. The payload of flying couriers is 6.6 pounds. Delivery drones are able to cover a distance of more than 25 miles. Previously, the UVL Robotics team obtained all official permits from the Civil Aviation Authority for BVLOS in the Sultanate of Oman. More than 100 air routes of delivery drones were agreed with the local clients.

Drone-based delivery service is able to serve more than 6 000 citizens of hard-to-reach areas of Muscat (Oman), also several five-star resorts and hotels in the region. The project will include different modifications of the drone’s landing system: ground landing, on the smart parcel locker or with a rope dropping system. It includes delivery of parcels and e-commerce packages as well as medicine for remote areas. It’s already in high demand among users. In the frames of launching the project, UVL Robotics signed the MoU with the representatives of government bodies of the Sultanate of Oman.

His Excellency Dr Ali Al Shidhani, Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology said: “Delivery with the UVL Robotics drones is an advanced technology, an important and necessary service that can satisfy the needs of the citizens, who due to the remoteness of their place of permanent residence, don’ t enjoy the same level of services  provided in the city center”.

“New modern challenges require new approaches to their solution. I would like to thank everyone who took part in this project. The UVL Robotics team is confident in its success and in the fact that daily drone-based delivery will become an integral part of the global delivery ecosystem”, said Eugene Grankin, CEO of UVL Robotics.

The partners of the project are the major players of the Middle East market: last mile delivery companies and e-commerce firms. So far, the service has been launched in the territory of Oman. Further UVL Robotics plans to scale the project to countries from other continents.

UVL Robotics is the first one in the world which offers the full cycle service of inventory counts by smart drones for corporate clients and delivery. The HQ is located in the California (USA), R&D center in Oman and CIS, branches – in Germany, Turkey and Abu Dhabi.

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