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HNA.Live Launches AI and 3D Cloud Solution for Manufacturers

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HNA.Live Launches AI and 3D Cloud Solution for Manufacturers

HNA Live, a data analytics company serving manufacturing and real estate industries, has selected CLEA, AI/IOT platform from SECO MIND USA LLC (https://secomind.ai) for their innovative cloud solution that combines AI and 3D technology to optimize manufacturing facility productivity.

Manufacturing 4.0 is transforming the way manufacturers manage and optimize their operations, from product design and production to distribution and customer satisfaction. HNA LIVE offers granular, privacy-protected, real-time insights into the performance efficiencies and bottlenecks of operations, safety, and quality in the manufacturing space.

“The digital transformations are notoriously difficult to scale up across networks of factories, the pressure to succeed is intense. With CLEA we can rapidly enable manufacturers to capture benefits across the entire manufacturing value chain” — Cooper Mojsiejenko, Chief Executive Officer at HNA Live.

HNA Live makes use of LIDAR and other data collection technologies to precisely measure and create 3D models for manufacturing whether its plant movement, working parts in process, or a building’s entire operation. HNA.Live’s cutting-edge technology provides more accurate real-time 3D modeling for a manufacturer’s business strategy.

“CLEA enables connecting and cloud managing any hardware for smart control, monitoring, and actionable insights. HNA Live is enabling manufacturers to increase production capacity, reduce material losses, improve delivery lead times, and reduce their environmental impact. We are very excited to be part of their journey”, — Ajay Malik, CEO of SECO Mind USA

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