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Wingtra debuts pioneering Lidar drone solution

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Wingtra debuts pioneering Lidar drone solution

Wingtra has unveiled its innovative Lidar-drone solution. The new Lidar payload is designed to seamlessly integrate the efficiency, ease of operation, and high accuracy of the WingtraOne GEN II drones with an advanced Wingtra-engineered Lidar sensor, offering notable advancements in the industry. Wingtra is a prominent player in drone technology.

The Swiss-based company’s solution is already gaining traction worldwide, with customers in various sectors relying on the WingtraOne GEN II for efficient, safe and frequent mapping for photogrammetric analysis of worksites. The addition of the meticulously engineered Lidar payload offers an all-encompassing solution, covering everything from the initial discovery phase through to project implementation and infrastructure maintenance.

By integrating a top-tier Hesai scanner, Inertial Labs IMU and NovAtel GNSS, Wingtra Lidar dramatically reduces the need for time-consuming post-processing strip alignment, delivering precise terrain information immediately from each efficient flight.

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