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WiMi Obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for its Hologram Soft Light Cinema Headset

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WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading Hologram AR Technology provider in China, announced that it obtained the China Compulsory Certification (the “CCC”) for its hologram soft light cinema headset. According to the certification documents, which include the electromagnetic compatibility test report, safety test report, and CCC product test report, the Company’s model WMH0D3 portable media player has passed all tests and successfully obtained CCC.

Due to the increasing emphasis on product quality and safety among consumers in the Chinese market, manufacturers continue to improve their product quality. Meanwhile, as the Chinese government continues to refine its policies and certification requirements to strengthen the supervision of product safety and quality, companies have also increased their demands for testing services.

Among these certifications, the CCC is a product evaluation system implemented by the Chinese government as a protection for consumers’ personal health and safety, the environment, and national security. To obtain the CCC, products must comply with Chinese national standards and related technical specifications. Before they can be produced, imported, and sold for public use, products listed in the CCC product catalog must undergo mandatory tests and audits in accordance with compulsory product certification procedures, obtain relevant certifications, and display these certifications on the product package.

In order to better address customer demands, the Company released the hologram soft light cinema headset. The headset has been greatly enhanced in regards to image color management, device connection, and wearing experience. In terms of image color management, the headset offers customers more transparent colors with more delicate picture quality by leveraging its powerful image processing engine in cooperation with SONY. In addition, customers can also connect headsets with drones and professional cameras. The headset’s use of far-focus imaging technology also significantly optimizes customers’ wearing experience by relieving any eye fatigue caused by long-term, short-distance image viewing.

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