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WiMi Announces the Release of Its New MR Head-Mounted Display Product “WiMi Hologram Soft Light”

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WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading augmented reality (AR) service provider in China, announced the upcoming launch of its new Mixed Reality (MR) head-mounted display product “WiMi Hologram Soft Light”, which will further expand the Company’s suite of holographic product offerings.

Recognizing the growing demand of customers for quality MR head-mounted display products, the Company has leveraged its cutting-edge technical capabilities to design the “WiMi Hologram Soft Light” (the “Product”). The Company plans to launch the Product by the end of 2020. The Product will feature a number of state-of-the-art upgrades related to image color management, wearing experience, and device compatibility. The Company has cooperated with SONY to integrate a powerful image processing engine into the Product, allowing it to display colors vividly and provide its users with a higher picture quality. At the same time, the Company has also integrated infinity focus imaging technology into the Product to reduce user fatigue, which is commonly caused by the continual use of MR head-mounted display products as well as extended periods of time spent focusing on screens at close proximity, thus greatly improving the customer’s wearing experience. In terms of device compatibility, the Product will support connection with several types of drones and professional cameras.

Mr. Shuo Shi, Chief Executive Officer of WiMi, commented, “We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the ‘WiMi Hologram Soft Light’ as we believe that users will find it both useful and intuitive to wear. During the product development process, we focused on enhancing the Product’s image display quality, design, and ability to interface with other devices through countless rounds of iteration. As a result of these efforts, we believe that we have created a truly world-class MR product and taken one step closer to laying the foundation for our future expansion in this market going forward. Looking ahead, as the adoption of 5G and the development of other cutting-edge technologies continue to accelerate, we plan to leverage our strong technical expertise and knowledge of MR products to bolster our product mix, expand our market share, and deliver more long-term value for our shareholders.”

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