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vHive Demonstrates New Data Analytics Capabilities for the Tower Industry

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vHive, the only software solution that enables enterprises to digitize their field assets and operations using autonomous drone hives, announced new capabilities for 3D tower comparison over time, to deliver an improved customer experience and better business insights.

“Over the past few years, TowerCos have collected large amounts of data about their field assets. Our new exciting capabilities enable them to easily sift through the data to detect and visualize changes over time in 3D. This ability enables customers to improve their billing accuracy and secure revenue, ensure quality of service and improve operational intelligence,” said vHive Co-Founder and CEO, Yariv Geller. “TowerCos can now easily extract business insights such as: changes in equipment installed on their towers, detection of changes in alignment of equipment or overall tower integrity.”

“As vHive customers accumulate a growing amount of data, our goal is to help them analyze it using AI as well as sophisticated computer vision data analysis algorithms,” said Tomer Daniel, vHive Co-Founder and CTO. “By automatically detecting change between one survey and another and comparing these changes in 3D, vHive is able to focus inspectors’ attention to what has been added, subtracted or changed not only in 3D space, but also in the time dimension.”

“Thanks to our commitment to ease of use, scalability and quality, vHive has attracted a customer base of Fortune 500 companies in various industries, who use our software platform to conduct tens of thousands of surveys and improve their business intelligence towards market leadership.”

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