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UK: SKYFARER, Medical Logistics Commence BVLOS Hospital Drone Deliveries

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UK: SKYFARER, Medical Logistics Commence BVLOS Hospital Drone Deliveries

Due to the increasing demand for healthcare facilities, patients require vital and time-sensitive medical supplies. Skyfarer, a specialist healthcare organization, a UK aerial coordinator company & Medical Logistics feel that these demands should be fulfilled effectively because of substantial road congestion and heavy-infrastructure enterprises.

To handle these demands, the company has announced a joint Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Medical Drone Delivery in an area called “The Medical Logistics UK Corridor.” Skyfarer and the partner Medical Logistics UK trial exacting real-world scenarios of BVLOS flights to deliver the best medical care in the hospitals. The organization’s main aim is to provide “essential time-sensitive medical supplies” to hospitals via BVLOS drones.

The campaign’s primary objective is identical to the previous testing of drone medical deliveries, most of which use BVLOS technology due to geographical boundaries. In order to cut the time and cost involved in ground transportation, a UK trial connects two hospitals by a drone flight corridor that will fasten up the medical deliveries. The 20 miles long flight corridor connects the Warwickshire Trust’s Hospital and the University Hospitals in Coventry and Rugby in Center England.

The trial is sponsored by London-based Medical couriers, a leading provider of vital time-sensitive medical deliveries. After getting approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Skyfarer empowers emergency flights operated on the same 24/4 basis as health centres and hospitals. All flights will be directed in all weather conditions throughout the year and the varying times of the day. Undoubtedly, Skyfarer is the leading BVLOS drone driver, creating a massive step in completing the two-year project to speed up medical deliveries in health centres.

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