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Trimble Launches Cloud-Based Appian Daily Planner to Simplify Complex, Multi-Stop Routing

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Trimble Launches Cloud-Based Appian Daily Planner to Simplify Complex, Multi-Stop Routing

Trimble introduced Appian Daily Planner, a cloud-based solution for multi-stop, multi-vehicle route optimization that improves asset utilization, on-time deliveries and customer service.

Appian Daily Planner delivers a modern planning experience, designed to streamline and optimize the complex routing needs of multi-stop mixed and private fleets. By combining a highly-configurable interface with the trusted Appian optimization algorithm that has been continually enhanced for more than 30 years, Appian Daily Planner empowers fleets to transition from static, batch routing to a real-time planning approach – saving time, money and miles in the process.

Appian Daily Planner also adds enhanced asset visibility, enabling dispatchers and fleet managers to adjust and optimize routes in real time—tracking planned versus actual route progress, while ensuring drivers and route plans are meeting customers’ delivery constraints.

Benefits of Appian Daily Planner include:

  • Dynamic decision making: With robust decision-assist capability and real-time insights; users are able to determine the most effective routes for all their complex routing needs.
  • Highly configurable: An adaptable solution that enables customers to track and report on KPIs relevant to their specific business.
  • Fuel reduction: Route optimization enables fleets to lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions for more sustainable outcomes.
  • Cost savings: Route optimization can also reduce a fleet’s wear-and-tear, which can lead to reduced vehicle repair costs.
  • Easier and faster planning: Powerful algorithm analyzes operational constraints and provides optimized, streamlined daily route planning, improving efficiency through improved asset utilization.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring: Visual cues and proactive alerts provide dispatchers the key metrics needed to quickly track actual route performance against plan in real time.
  • Continuous planning modes: Dynamic routing without limitations on the number of orders, routing inside of boundaries, editing fixed routes and selective routing.

“Appian is known for empowering fleets to develop optimized, cost-effective routes that meet their business and customer needs,” said Steven Kalnitzky, senior product manager for Trimble. “This continued evolution of the Appian suite of tools takes it to the next level, pairing our trusted route optimization capabilities with a dynamic, modern user experience. We’re building on Appian’s powerful algorithm and deep experience in route optimization to provide modern, user-friendly technology that gives organizational visibility into route plans, order status and fleet activity.”

Appian Daily Planner helps fleet owners and managers handle the ongoing challenges of routing, enabling best-in-class optimization for faster, more reliable deliveries. With this cloud-based solution, fleet owners can improve their efficiency with real-time tracking for quick route adjustments and improve customer satisfaction by optimizing multiple delivery controls for faster, more reliable deliveries.

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