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Teledyne Marine Announces Sale of Two SeaRaptor 6,000m AUVs to Argeo

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A global leader in the manufacture of Unmanned Maritime Systems, Teledyne Marine Vehicles, a business of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated announced that Argeo of Norway, a newly listed company and growing subsea offshore service company, has procured two Teledyne Gavia SeaRaptor 6,000 meter rated Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). The two SeaRaptor AUVs will contribute to Argeo’s growing fleet of AUVs and will enable deep-sea surveys to the benefit of marine industries including offshore wind, aquaculture, deepsea minerals, and offshore oil & gas.

The SeaRaptor 6000 AUVs will be equipped with the latest Kraken MinSAS 120 Synthetic Aperture Sonar (Kraken Robotics, Canada) providing large swath area coverage and high-resolution imagery and bathymetry data collection. The vehicles will also be fitted with Teledyne RESON T50-S Multi-Beam dual frequency 200/400 kHz Echo Sounders, Teledyne Benthos Chirp III Sub Bottom Profilers, iXblue PHINS 6000 INSs coupled to Teledyne RDI Tasman DVLs, and CathX Hunter Camera Systems. All data collected will be processed onboard using Teledyne CARIS OnBoard postprocessing and mosaicking software to allow quick turnaround during missions. The AUVs are also fitted with a large variety of scientific sensors from RBR which will take Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, Turbidity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Redox, CH4 and Magnetic measurements to provide valuable water column data which will contribute to better ocean basin characterizations.

“Teledyne is very pleased to supply these unique deep water AUVs to Argeo. We see the strategic partnership forming between our companies as being beneficial, far into the future,” said Mike Read, President, Teledyne Marine.

Both vehicles will be supplied in 40 foot containers hosting their Launch and Recovery Systems, deck support and handling equipment and a spares set to offer the highest redundancy and availability of the systems. The vehicles are designed to be air transportable, including their Li-Ion batteries which offer over 40 hours of autonomy for long endurance missions.

Teledyne is excited to offer these systems to assist in bringing back new information as to the nature and composition of the deepest parts of the planet.

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