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Tactic Air Drone Launches its Highly-Anticipated Foldable Drone

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Tactic Air Drone has launched a new quad copter with enhanced stability, intelligent navigation, and cutting-edge design. The 4K HD Drone is perfect for beginners and seasoned drone enthusiasts alike. It comes with a camera and packs state-of-art technology and top-notch design at an affordable price. 

The remote controls for the drone are straightforward. One button to take off, other to land, and another for emergency stops to avoid collisions and obstacles. Users of the Tactic Air Drone have two ways to control the sleek device: They either pilot it with a controller or control it with their mobile phone using Wi-Fi. The drone has a height-setting advanced density pressure sensor with the help of which it can even control itself.

Now, not only does the Tactical Air Drone look good with its brushed texture and elegant design, it performs well too. It was created with rigid materials to avoid cracks, fractures from collisions. The designers made sure it was lightweight and foldable. This makes it easy to fold and transport in storage. This drone features a higher battery power of 350 mAh among its many features.

With its innovative and intelligent gesture controller, users can connect their phones to the drone to control its flight in real-time with various modes such as full-screen, split-screen and picture-in-picture. This gives the users an advantage of using both the cameras at once. Unless, of course, they wish to let the drone control itself automatically. With gesture recognition, users can choose to follow them with its smart sensors. It is perfect as a personal photographer. It also features a variety of flight maneuvers to suit different scenarios.

The creators of the Tactic Air Drone claim that this drone can fly for over 20 minutes at a stretch in comparison to other drones which can only fly for 4 to 13 minutes. This gives users the opportunity to capture more photos and record longer videos than before. In case the battery runs out, it can be swapped with another with ease thanks to the modular design.

Speaking of photos and videos, the drone is equipped with a wide-angle lens to capture videos up to 4K HD. It boasts of a 4K UHD resolution with over 9 million pixels to create high-quality pictures and videos even when flying in the air.

The creators of the Tactic Air Drone have priced it at $198, but that’s not it. They are currently selling it for a 50% discount. They ship worldwide with a 1-year warranty. In case of accidental damage, they replace the machine, much to the delight of their users. It can be purchased online from their secure website.

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