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Swyfft collaborates with the innovative technology of Bees360 to process wind and hail claims using drones and AI

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Swyfft, who provides fast and friendly homeowners insurance through their patented analytical methods and unique data sources, has pegged Bees360’s claims assist solution for handling wind & hail claims. Swyfft’s utilization of Bees360 combines drones, AI, autonomous flight apps and licensed desk adjusters to create a faster and more efficient way to inspect and process wind & hail claims.

“Swyfft uses data from distinctive sources to provide an accurate insurance quote in seconds. Customers and agents know us for this fast and friendly experience when purchasing a policy. The Swyfft claims experience should feel the same,” said John Langowski, Chief Claims Officer for Swyfft. “The technology-enabled drone inspections allow us to collect the roof and damage data in significantly less time than traditional methods and provides us a more objective and consistent analysis regarding the condition of the roof so that we can make a well informed decision on coverage and damages for the customer.”

Bees360 has built a drone pilot network that covers 40 states in the US that is trained specifically for property claims and underwriting inspections. The pilots are equipped with Bees360’s in-house developed apps, BeesDrone™ and BeesGO™, which allows for an autonomous drone flight to capture roof images along with quick and user-friendly capturing of the ground level elevation and interior photos using mobile devices. Once the images are uploaded to the cloud through the apps, they are partitioned, categorized, feature extracted and reassembled in the Bees Deep Neural Network (BDNN) which creates an AI generated damage assessment report. Bees360 then has its team of licensed desk adjusters review the damage assessment and complete the claims package to be returned to Swyfft for final review, which includes the estimate and narrative. Bees360 has also built an API integration with some of the industry’s top estimating platforms creating a seamless workflow between Swyfft and Bees360. 

“Working with an innovative company like Swyfft, who utilizes high tech solutions for all aspects of their business, has proven to be a great relationship and I believe we are creating the benchmark for what the future of claim management looks like for wind & hail claims. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when it’s more important now than ever before to provide solutions that work while minimizing any direct physical contact with the policy holder,” said Barry Beavers, VP of Business Development at Bees360.

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