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Superior Sensor Technology Launches the Most Advanced Differential Pressure Sensors for Industrial Applications

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Superior Sensor Technology announced the industry’s first differential pressure sensors for industrial applications that support up to seven selectable pressure ranges in one device. Designed for a wide range of applications, the company’s new ND Series sensors support pressure ranges as low as 62.5 Pa/0.25″ H2O to as high as 345 mBar/5 psi with an accuracy within 0.05% and Total Error Band (TEB) of less than 0.15% FSS. This advanced capability coupled with the ND Series’ digital filtering and 50/60Hz notch filter offers industrial equipment manufacturers a single sensor solution that supports all their differential pressure requirements, which will simplify product designs, accelerate time to market and reduce sensor inventory costs by up to a factor of seven.

The ND Series builds upon the company’s proprietary NimbleSense™ architecture, which is an intelligent system-in-a-sensor that offers manufacturers for the first time a high-performance, programmable, flexible sensor solution. A key building block component in the NimbleSense architecture is the proprietary Multi-Range™ technology and its ability to support multiple pressure ranges on one device with industry-leading accuracy on each selected range. This enables industrial manufacturers to introduce multiple product variants with different pressure requirements utilizing one ND Series sensor, resulting in significant resource, time and cost savings.

“Similar to what we have achieved with HVAC and medical applications, we are now setting a new performance standard for differential pressure sensors in the industrial product market,” said Jim Finch, CEO and co-founder, Superior Sensor Technology. “Our NimbleSense architecture enables us to deliver sensors with a variety of innovative features and the broadest dynamic range capability in one device from very low to medium pressure ranges, ultimately providing our customers the most cost-effective, highest-performing, flexible design options for their next-generation products.”

The ND Series is ideal for measuring dry air and non-aggressive gas pressure with very high accuracy and a stable zero point. Numerous industrial applications will benefit from the ND Series Sensors, including:

  • Manufacturing Applications:3D printing, air quality testing, automated safety systems, chemical monitoring, leak testing, nuclear power monitoring, pneumatic system monitoring and water quality testing.
  • Research & Development Applications:Air pressure monitoring, calibration of devices, clean room access, data acquisition, environmental chambers, lab equipment, large format printers and particle counting.
  • Commercial Applications:Auto smog testing, aviation instrumentation, cabin pressure monitoring, commercial space rockets, DHS air quality, hospital room monitoring, radon remediation and UAV/UAS Drones.

Superior Sensor Technology is offering five products with various pressure range capabilities in its initial ND Series product offering. The sensors and evaluation boards are available in production volumes and can be purchased through Digi-Key Electronics and Mouser Electronics. Unit pricing is based on shipment quantities.

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