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SkyX Opens Flight Operations Facility in Houston Market to Showcase Midstream Monitoring and Inspection Solution

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SkyX, an aerial monitoring solutions provider, has opened a flight operations center in the Houston area to provide live demonstrations of their system capabilities and technology solutions for monitoring and inspecting midstream infrastructure. Earlier this year, SkyX opened a downtown Houston office to further strengthen partnerships and support customers. The stronger local presence has led to notable partnerships with E’Kabel and Aerial Project Analytics; companies that played an integral role in helping SkyX secure a recent multi million-dollar contract with a major energy corporation in Africa.

The test facility will allow for SkyX to fully demonstrate its high-quality visual verification data that assists operators in managing issues such as corrosion, leak detection and right of way activity. Through its proprietary aerial system, SkyX is able to detect anomalies such as ground depressions and cracks, large corrosion patches on above ground pipelines, and unauthorized third-party activity.

“As a company we’ve experienced significant growth in 2019, which began with the opening of our Houston office,” said Gav Martell, COO at SkyX. “The opening of this flight operations facility is really a testament to the demand we’re seeing for validation of our product. Our customers and prospects get excited when they see our solution in action. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to showcase the value our fully-autonomous, long range solution can bring to companies here in the Houston area.”

Through its proprietary aerial system designed to scan infrastructure spread out over hundreds of miles, SkyX is well suited for beyond visual line of sight operations including remote midstream inspections in isolated locations. When paired with the automated remote charging xStation, SkyOne is able to remotely take-off and gather critical data needed before returning back to the xStation, all without human intervention.

Additionally, SkyOne is equipped with live feed capabilities and an array of customizable sensors, including an EO/IR camera. Proprietary AI systems then analyze the images captured to produce high-impact reports that provide meaningful data, which helps companies operate efficiently, increase their health and safety standards and stay compliant with local laws and regulations.

The test center traverses 66 acres in Waller, TX, a 30-minute drive from Houston’s energy corridor. The terrain is intended to mirror the topography midstream operators face in remote areas that prove difficult to effectively monitor and inspect. This includes a right-of-way, bodies of water and various clusters of trees, vegetation and landscape that often impede necessary inspections. In addition to demonstrations for clients and prospects, SkyX will also utilize the facility for R&D efforts to further advance AI and drone solutions.

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