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Skydio Begins Delivery of X10D Small UAS to Defense Customers; Debuts Dynamic Channel Switching

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Skydio Begins Delivery of X10D Small UAS to Defense Customers; Debuts Dynamic Channel Switching

Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight announced it has begun delivery of its first X10Ds, Skydio’s new flagship drone for defense and government applications, to customers across the U.S. and Allied Nations. It follows the success of its predecessor the X2D, which is the drone of choice for U.S. and allied government customers with thousands of systems delivered. Skydio also announced dynamic channel switching to monitor signal interference and move to a clearer channel to improve wireless transmission signal quality during flight, ensuring troops maintain communication with the drone to accomplish their mission.

The introduction of Skydio X10D – an offline variant of Skydio’s X10 platform – marks a pivotal advancement in organic intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities, along with a wide range of situational awareness use cases. Dynamic channel switching enables the X10D to provide adaptable communications between the drone and its accompanying controller in both contested and congested environments, unlocking reliable command and control and real-time data feeds in crowded airspace or under electronic warfare conditions. Skydio also plans to offer dynamic channel switching soon to customers already using the X10.

The X10 platform was introduced in late 2023 and is quickly becoming the drone of choice for many applications in the commercial and public safety markets. The X10D has been optimized for ISR applications critical to defense and government agencies and delivers the best of human-machine teaming with unparalleled sensor technology, advanced autonomous navigation, and a modular, open architecture that is critical for the dynamic nature of military needs. Skydio leads the world in onboard AI and autonomy for sUAS, delivering best-in-class obstacle avoidance and autonomous flight. Skydio Autonomy is now even more powerful with NightSense, making X10D the first sUAS capable of 24/7 operations, enabling autonomous obstacle-avoidance in zero-light environments. It is also the first Group 1 sUAS to integrate a Teledyne FLIR Boson+ sensor, achieving the category’s highest thermal imaging quality to improve operational outcomes at any time, day or night.

“The arrival of X10D to customers is truly a milestone moment for Skydio and the allied defense and government community,” said Mark Valentine, President of Global Government at Skydio. “There is no doubt that the advantage in future conflict favors a decentralized application of small, many, and agile systems over fewer, larger exquisite systems. The X10D, with dynamic channel switching and onboard AI & Autonomy, is a force multiplier for warfighters that helps them see the unseen, increasing awareness, precision, and safety.”

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