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skyBOX: Credit-Card-Sized, Wireless SSD Storage – by HyperAccessory

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skyBOX, the all-in-one, portable SSD storage with built-in Wi-Fi 6 technology and universal compatibility, ensures effortless streaming and backup of photos, videos, and music files from and to any mobile devices, cameras or drones. It is a must-have for photographers/videographers/content creators who travel light without laptops.

skyBOX is just about the size of a credit card. It will fit in a pocket or bag easily so that it is easy to back up devices anywhere. Backing up the internal storage of a device or an SD card only takes one touch and a minute, thanks to the Wi-Fi 6 technology and extreme transfer speed up to 2200MB/s. Wi-Fi 6 can transfer 40% faster than current Wi-Fi 5. Internal SSD is available from 512GB to 4TB as options.

Besides being an excellent backup, skyBOX allows seamless wireless streaming to multiple devices. With additional access through its own skyBOX App and other third-party apps, users can browse, stream, edit, and share the files with mobiles, iPads or laptops anywhere. Lastly, the optional SkyCloud Dock can convert skyBOX into a personal cloud just by plugging it in. Users can leave skyBOX at home and still access the files when on the go. Users will find skyBOX to be the smallest and fastest wireless drive.

skyBOX is available for pre-order on Indiegogo now

Starting from $99 (50% off MSRP) for the 512GB pack to a $479 4TB pack that includes a skyBOX Pro and a SkyCloud Dock.

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