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Sentera Introduces the 6X Sensor: Multispectral, RGB, and Onboard Analytics Fastest Image Capture Rate in the Industry

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Sentera announced the launch of the 6X, the highest-performing, most powerful sensor in its class. 6X delivers the data and processing necessary to meet a wide range of customer requirements, from broad acre, specialty, and permanent crop insights to science and research customers.

“The 6x currently delivers the best spatial resolution on the market across all spectral bands, providing the detailed vegetation mapping researchers need for developing advanced analytics and computer vision solutions,” said Zach Marston, Ph.D., Principal Scientist at Sentera. “This is combined with the ease of use required to make the 6X a workhorse that can deliver cutting-edge agricultural insights to researchers, academia, agronomists, and growers throughout the growing season.”

In a single pass, 6X generates the data necessary to produce the most commonly used, highest-value multispectral and visual brand products and analytical insights for seed performance, disease, weed pressure, nutrition, and yield estimation. It features 5 simultaneously triggered, precision-filtered 3.2MP global-shutter imagers, and one 20.1MP RGB imager, each with a dedicated, high-quality optical path. In the aggregate, the sensor produces 8 channels of image data, with fast frame rate performance and high radiometric accuracy.

6X leverages technology used in Sentera’s advanced enterprise-class sensors, with a custom processor tailored to efficiently handle massive data throughput requirements while maintaining extremely tight synchronization across channels, and to perform onboard machine learning and computer vision computations. 6X users have the option to equip the sensor with a customized variant of the incident light sensor product used on Sentera enterprise equipment.

“We wanted to combine best-in-class imaging with ease of use and enough power to process data in real-time,” said Alex Stephens, Director of Hardware Products at Sentera. “The 6X sets a new standard for image quality and onboard power, but users will also find that this translates to greater simplicity and ease of integration.”

Pricing and Availability
Pre-orders for the 6X sensor are available now for December 2019 delivery. Pricing starts at $5,999.

6X will be available in fully gimbal-stabilized offerings compatible with DJI Matrice and Inspire series drones as well as MAVLINK compliant systems, but versatile interfaces ensure simple integration into any remote sensing system.

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