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Saguna, Announce New Product Generation ‘vEdge+’ – a Groundbreaking Integrated MEC and UPF Product Ready for 5G Networks

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Saguna Networks Ltd has already made a name for itself as an innovative leader of multi-access edge computing (MEC) for 4G and 5G mobile networks. The company remarkable reputation was further cemented with this announcement of the ‘vEdge+’ release, an advanced version of Saguna’s industry awarded technology. It is the first of its kind to offer a UPF and MEC integrated data forwarding plane to meet the Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) requirements of 5G networks.

In today’s fast paced world most businesses and individuals want to utilize 5G technology. The competitive advantage achieved with the faster access to data and faster applications is powerful enough to upend entire industries. But 5G URLLC requires lightning-speed of one millisecond latency to achieve optimal results. It is not enough to merely have a collection of separated SW elements hosted within a single virtual environment. Using multiple data forwarding components causes additional latency and creates unwanted jitter and packet loss.

This innovation from Saguna creates a single tightly integrated software image that includes all the required data forwarding elements. From termination of dataflows arriving from the RAN all the way to direct forwarding to any hosted MEC application, whether it be a virtual machine or a Kubernetes container.

Saguna’s new offering not only achieves ample speed, just a few microseconds over all internal latency on the forwarding plane, but its tight integration allows for minimal resource consumption. This elevates the already exceptionally efficient technology to unheard of levels of efficiency without sacrificing any of the existing features or the product flexibility, reliability and scalability.

Having already caught the attention of many industry heavyweights, Saguna was recently awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award. The latest product advancement reaffirms the company’s position as unparalleled trailblazers in the edge cloud computing industry. Saguna’s CEO, Ido Gur commented on the launch, “Once again Saguna is demonstrating its leadership in Edge Computing innovation.” He went on to reiterate the company’s message, “We are committed to continuing to deliver the most innovative solutions thereby creating new monetization options for our customers.”

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