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QST Solutions Announces Agreement to Sell Performance Inertial – GNSS Modules from Inertial Sense

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QST GNSS Inertial Sense

QST Solutions, a leading manufacturer of MEMS inertial sensors and solutions, announced that it has signed an agreement with Utah-based Inertial Sense to become a licensed reseller of its performance inertial-GNSS modules that combine high performance sensors with industry-hardened sensor fusion algorithms.
The modules from Inertial Sense complement QST’s existing product offering, which includes a wide range of MEMS sensors and solutions for consumer, automotive, and industrial applications.
“We are pleased to be partnering with Inertial Sense,” said QST Corporation CEO Zhen Sun. “Their innovative products such as dual GNSS compassing and cm-level RTK GNSS positioning help to expand our sensor offering with advanced functionality, while their leading algorithm and hardware design deliver superior performance, size, power, and cost.”
Inertial Sense CEO, Thomas Bennett commented: “QST’s footprint and knowledge as a global sensor and solutions manufacturer will extend our sales reach while delivering world-class support for our customers and products. We are excited to be working with QST as we continue on our path of developing autonomous navigation solutions for a world in motion.”
In addition to calibrated and temperature-compensated modules complete with sensor fusion, the Inertial Sense solutions come with a full suite of hardware and software development and evaluation tools, including hardware development kits, a sophisticated data visualization and data logging tool, and an open source software development kit (SDK).
Drone flight control and camera gimbal stabilization for aerial surveying, infrastructure inspection, and agriculture
Navigation and stability control for autonomous robotic ground vehicles used in last-mile delivery, precision agriculture, and self-driving trucks and cars
Traction control; boom, bucket, and cab attitude; and positional awareness in construction and material handling equipment such as cranes, excavators, and forklifts
Module Functionality

Product / Features µIMU µAHRS µINS + RTK GNSS µINS + Dual
Antenna GNSS
Dual IMUs (gyro + accel), barometer, magnetometer
GNSS receiver supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou
Attitude (roll, pitch, yaw, quaternions, DCM)
Inertial velocity and position
RTK (cm-level position) √*
Static GNSS heading √*

*RTK and GNSS Compass functionality not available concurrently

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