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Powered with Intel® RealSense™ and HARMAN eNOVA Technologies, Aetrex Unveils Revolutionary 3D Foot Scanner at CES 2021

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Aetrex Worldwide, Inc., the global leader in foot scanning technology and orthotics, is showcasing Albert 2, the next generation of the company’s revolutionary 3D foot scanner, at CES 2021. Albert 2 combines computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing and cloud analytics to deliver a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use retail solution. The most advanced foot scanning system in the world, Albert 2 integrates cutting-edge technologies from industry pioneers such as Intel RealSense and HARMAN, a Samsung Company, in an all-in-one, compact, omnichannel device.

At CES, Aetrex will be presenting Albert 2, a fully integrated foot scanning system engineered to help consumers find the right fitting footwear and orthotics, as well as provide an enhanced in-store experience. Virtual attendees of the event will have the opportunity to learn how this best-in-class technology, with a quick, 20-second scanning process, creates a profit center for retailers.

“Our goal with Albert 2 was to create an unmatched, all-in-one foot scanning solution that incorporates the best technologies available, while creating a quick, easy to use, seamless experience for the customer and the retailer,” says Larry Schwartz, CEO of Aetrex. “By integrating tech offerings from Intel and HARMAN, we are able to create a retail tool that’s unlike anything on the market today. Albert 2 captures the most comprehensive and accurate foot scan data, while creating an engaging, personalized experience for consumers. Plus, Aetrex Orthotic recommendations are integrated into the foot scanning process and software, creating an easy add-on sale for retailers.”

Vision-Based Sensors Enable Highly Accurate 3D Foot Scans

To guarantee a holistic 3D capture of every foot scanned, Albert 2 features four Intel® RealSense™ depth cameras and 5,184 gold plated sensors. The Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D415 has been a gamechanger in variety of hi-tech products and applications, such as robotics, 3D scanning, drones and object measurements. These cameras provide highly accurate 3D scanning capabilities and unparalleled depth quality per degree with a rolling shutter on the depth sensor. The D415 has a tightly focused field of view, giving Albert 2 the ability to create a 3D rendering of the foot and provide any key measurement desired (length, width, girth, etc.) at the highest accuracy possible.

“Intel® RealSense™ technology is used to develop products that enrich people’s lives by enabling machines and devices to perceive the world in 3D,” says Joel Hagberg, head of product management and marketing, Intel RealSense Group. “We are excited to collaborate with Aetrex to enhance the shoe buying experience by assessing an individual’s feet in 3D to ensure they’re purchasing the right shoe for their unique foot profile, reducing the need for returns.”

These innovative cameras, combined with Aetrex’s proprietary pressure plate technology designed to capture complete pressure data on the underside of the foot, allows Albert 2 to create an accurate 360⁰ 3D reconstruction of the foot. Using foot measurements, arch type and pressure points, Albert 2 recommends the best fitting shoes and orthotics for a customer’s unique foot type – ensuring customers find the right fit the first time.

Leveraging this complete, accurate foot scan data collected from an Albert 2 foot scan, Aetrex also partners with EOS, the leader in industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing, to offer Aetrex 3D Printed Custom Orthotics. These orthotics provide customers with customized support and cushioning, designed to match precisely to every square centimeter of each foot, based on a unique foot profile. The result is the most precise custom orthotic on the market today.

AI-Powered Voice Assistant Creates Enhanced Customer Experience

Albert 2 integrates HARMAN eNOVA’s AI-powered voice assistant platform to create the Albert 2 Voice Assistant. With a wake word of “Hey Albert,” customers and retailers can ask Albert any question about their arch type, possible foot condition, orthotic recommendations, and more. Using the Aetrex Cloud platform and an AI model specifically trained on foot science vocabulary, the speech recognition platform instantly provides a response in the form of a video, audio or text with fun, conversational-style replies.

HARMAN eNOVA’s voice assistant platform helps make the Albert 2 user experience more connected, convenient, touchless, contextual and personalized. Powered with natural language understanding (NLU) and high-quality speech synthesis, HARMAN eNOVA features advanced automatic speech recognition (ASR) capabilities with very high precision – currently used in digital banking solutions, virtual cruise ship assistants and more.

“The retail industry is becoming highly personalized and increasingly focused on user experience,” says David Owens, GM & SVP, DTS, HARMAN. “Aetrex leverages HARMAN’s eNOVA AI-powered voice assistant to develop an interactive, touchless, and conversational experience for their next generation Albert foot scanning technology, keeping consumers informed and entertained, while enhancing the shopping experience.”

Albert 2 also features Aetrex’s proprietary software, such as FitHQ – a section within the Albert software that uses AI to ensure the right fit on the first try. Creating a truly omnichannel experience, the program can be synced with retailers’ POS or e-commerce systems to help store associates recommend the best Aetrex Orthotics or best fitting shoes by brand, style and size per customer, based on his or her unique foot scan.

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