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Pix4D spokesperson Nikoleta Guetcheva ( Head of Marketing ) speaks with Drones World Chief Editor B. Kartikeya

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Pix4D is a name that defines digital mapping and photogrammetry

What are the products & solutions Pix4D is offering? Can you brief us about them?

Our first product was Pix4Dmapper in 2014, a photogrammetry all-in-one solution to create survey-grade maps and 3D models. Serving the geospatial industry has been our core focus.

Then, in 2018 we launched Pix4Dfields, a completely independent software solution for agriculture, based on the experience of our team and our algorithms.

The Crane Camera was our first step in hardware. It’s a solution for Construction, that enables site monitoring and surveying without drones, and it integrates with our cloud platform Pix4Dcloud.

In 2019,  Pix4Dreact’s was launched as a fast-stitching technology to redefine emergency mapping for public safety professionals.

We introduced in 2020 Pix4Dscan and Pix4Dinspect, a set of tools for aerial infrastructure inspection and asset management, and also Pix4Dsurvey for powerful vectorization and CAD-ready workflows.

All Pix4D software are designed with the help of industry experts for smoother workflows, repeatable results, and the optimal outputs you need to take the next step. Industry partners and users help shape the future of its products, from the field to the cloud.


How did the journey of Pix4D begin? Can brief its journey to where it is now, a well-established player in the sector?

Backed with over ten years of scientific research, Pix4D is the industry leader in professional drone mapping and photogrammetry software solutions. Founded in Switzerland in 2011, the company dynamically and rapidly expanded to offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo and Denver.

Today Pix4D is a name that defines digital mapping and photogrammetry. Trusted by experts in fields as diverse as surveying, agriculture, and public safety, its unique software suite makes professional photogrammetry accessible to everyone.

What role did Pix4D play in the photogrammetry revolution? If you are going to venture into any hardware which relies on Pix4D software, what would it be and why?

We were the first photogrammetry software to ever team up with DJI to create maps with their drones, when they released their SDK in 2014, and we launched our flight planning app Pix4Dcapture. This enabled thousands of people to start mapping with inexpensive drones – this is our ultimate goal: the democratization of photogrammetry.

The Crane Camera, as mentioned before is our first Pix4D hardware dedicated solution for construction. As for drones and cameras, we already partner up with the best. We count on a list of 200 partners around the world that resell Pix4D or bundle it with their hardware solutions. We’ve also bundled directly with OEMs like Sensefly, Parrot or with DJI.

What are the best features/solutions Pix4D is offering, making it a unique player in the photogrammetry sector?

From the get go, what set Pix4D apart from the rest is the innovative rayCloud™ technology, which allows you to interact with the original 2D images in the reconstructed 3D space. Reconstructing reality from images has never been easier or more intuitive.

Our competitive advantage reside on our flexibility to adapt to the vertical and regional markets and technology changes, the fact that we have solutions across desktop, cloud and mobile ecosystems and the fact that we are customer centric, with the best in class training, support and documentation available to make sure our users are updated, informed and skilled.


What is your view on the Indian market? With drone-based services gaining a good demand, where do you see it in the coming 5-10 years?

We took our first steps in the Indian market a while ago now, and we’ve come to witness an interesting business increase in the region:  growth in enquiries and growth in overall interest, either from private companies or governmental institutions. We’re really excited to mention that we were chosen by Survey of India, in a tender we participated with our good partner Kambill Systems. India is a really fast growing market and we are looking forward to seeing Pix4D as the software tool of choice for future infrastructures projects like the national railway, the implementation of 5G networks and other large scale projects.

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