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Parallel Flight Technologies to Participate in the Federal Aviation Administration’s BEYOND Program

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Parallel Flight Technologies (PFT), an industrial grade heavy-lift drone company, has been selected as an official partner of the Alaska Center for UAS Integration (ACUASI) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, a Lead Participant in the FAA’s BEYOND program. This partnership will allow PFT to demonstrate missions for the BEYOND program, which is focused on advancing unmanned aircraft systems operations in the National Airspace System.


Parallel Flight Technologies was selected to partner with ACUASI because of the company’s advanced drone technology, which allows its unmanned aircraft to carry a 100-pound payload for over two hours, a 10 times improvement over existing solutions. PFT’s first commercial-intent drone is currently in the final stages of development at the company’s headquarters in California. PFT will be working with ACUASI on demonstration missions in Alaska later in the year, with focus areas of remote medical delivery, remote and industrial logistics, and ship-to-shore.

Parallel Flight Technologies’ drone features patent-pending parallel hybrid technology that has never been used before in a multirotor aircraft, resulting in a fully redundant UAS that combines extreme heavy lifting with long flight duration. While all-electric drones can only carry heavy loads for approximately 15 minutes, PFT’s drone will be able to carry a payload of 100 pounds for hours. This technology opens up new possibilities for a number of mission-critical applications across a variety of industries, including firefighting, industrial logistics and medical deliveries.

As part of the FAA’s BEYOND program, ACUASI will share key findings from the Alaska missions to provide the FAA with critical data to help advance UAS integration. The BEYOND program follows the FAA’s recently concluded UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP), which ended in October 2020. BEYOND is designed to address the remaining challenges of UAS integration, including scaling Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, analyzing and quantifying the societal and economic benefits of UAS operations, and engaging the community to address concerns. The data provided by PFT through ACUASI will assist the FAA in developing performance-based standards, collecting and addressing community feedback, and streamlining the approval processes for UAS integration into the National Airspace System.

Parallel Flight Technologies will also leverage this partnership to further expand its markets and customer pipeline. PFT’s transformative technology can be applied across multiple logistics verticals, including real-time and complex healthcare logistics, tactical support for firefighters and first responders, and industrial logistics. By serving as an original equipment manufacturer and service provider, Parallel Flight Technologies is well-positioned to revolutionize drones as a service (DAAS) on a global scale.

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