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Navitar Announces Optimized Glass Lens for BAE Systems’ New HWK1411 Low-Light Imaging Module

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Navitar’s custom, high-performance f/1.4 Navitar glass lens, optimized for low-light imaging and superior stray light mitigation for day operations, is an integral component of BAE Systems’ HWK ultra low-light imaging module.

The BAE Systems HWK1411 camera module is an integrated, ultra low-light imaging solution that features an 8.0-micron pixel sensor – providing a large pixel photon collection area, world-class quantum efficiency, and exceptional low 0.5e- read noise that provides imaging capability down to 0.0001 Lux (overcast starlight).

Navitar’s proprietary lens-sensor active alignment process ensures the full capabilities of the lens and sensor are carried over to each module, and mission-critical performance is delivered for day and night operations.

The HWK1411 camera core is a compact multichip module (MCM) designed to simplify camera integration. The MCM core integrates the HWK1411 image sensor, microprocessor, flash memory, power conditioning, and flexible interface cable for plug-and-play, optimized imaging performance.  An innovative new backside illuminated process enhancement delivers world-class, broad-spectrum near-infrared quantum efficiency out to 1100nm to enhance nightglow sensitivity.

“At BAE Systems, we’re allowing our customers to see what others can’t,” said Doug Teeter, CIS Products Program Manager at BAE Systems. “Our imaging sensors power today’s most demanding cameras, enabling a broad range of applications.”

Modules are available in both monochrome and color versions and designed and built to perform under extreme environmental conditions. 

The HWK1411 camera module, based on the BAE Systems Core CMOS sensor, is suitable for a number of military, defense, and security surveillance applications that will benefit from low-light imaging, including:

  • Soldier Systems – Improving Situational Awareness and Threat Detection
  • Military and Commercial Night Vision
  • Air Defense Systems Against Drones / Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS)
  • Drone Air Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Long Range Surveillance
  • Missile Guidance and Missile Tracking
  • Driver Vision Enhancement – Vehicle Awareness
  • Homeland Security – Facial Recognition
  • Gimbal Payloads
  • Law Enforcement – Live Situational Awareness

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