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Matternet Launches Drone Delivery Operations at Labor Berlin in Germany

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Matternet, developer of the world’s leading urban drone logistics platform, announced the launch of operations at Labor Berlin Charité Vivantes in Germany. The program kicked-off November 17, 2020 with permanent operations expected to take flight next year, creating the first urban BVLOS medical drone delivery network in the European Union. The drone network expects to significantly improve the timeliness and efficiency of Labor Berlin’s diagnostics services by providing an option to avoid roadway delays, which will improve patient experience with potentially life-saving benefits and lower costs.

Labor Berlin is Europe’s largest hospital laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities in 13 hospitals across the city. The organization is responsible for diagnostics for 80 percent of patient beds in Berlin. Currently, over 15,000 samples are transported daily across Labor Berlin’s extensive network. With Matternet’s world-leading drone technology and Labor Berlin’s impressive scale, the drone delivery network has the potential to serve millions of patients each year. The network will connect three locations initially: Labor Berlin’s central lab on Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum, the Charité Hospital Campus Benjamin Franklin and the Corona Clinic by Vivantes – Corona-Behandlungszentrum Jafféstraße.

During the initial phase of the program, Matternet will work with Labor Berlin to determine optimal ways to integrate drone delivery into the laboratory group’s existing workflow. The partners intend to invite government and public sector representatives to observe drone flights, and engage other airspace users such as Helicopter Emergency Rescue Services, Berlin police and Berlin’s airports. Matternet will also work closely with the Air Navigation Service Provider in Germany and UTM providers to integrate the drones safely into Berlin’s airspace.

“Labor Berlin strives for best-in-class medical diagnostics, and patient care is our absolute priority. Reducing diagnostic lead times can greatly improve patient outcomes and experiences. Matternet’s drone delivery network will not only be able to transport patient samples from hospitals to Labor Berlin facilities up to 70% quicker, but also reduce vehicular traffic and emissions in Berlin’s urban core.

Matternet is a proven leader in the urban drone delivery space, and we are excited to collaborate to provide our patients, especially those in emergency situations, an innovative, safe and rapid alternative to lab sample transport by car,” said Nina Beikert, Managing Director of Labor Berlin.

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