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Longest Commercial BVLOS Drone Flight in the US Achieved

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Longest Commercial BVLOS Drone Flight in the US Achieved

For rural areas like Lyons, economic forces often limit the medical services available through community health centres. Supplying inventories like blood or other critical medications are often centralized in larger healthcare spaces to control costs. Therefore, assessing those items in an emergency medical situation is time-consuming and quite challenging. To overcome these situations, “Spright” created the longest BVLOS Drone to solve many of the biggest challenges facing communities across the Northern States of America.

The company has set the record for completing the longest BVLOS drone. It has successfully completed the longest UAS Beyond Visual Light of Sight (BVLOS) drone flight in the US by a commercial entity. The 29- mile flight was accomplished with the help of Wingcopter 198 eVtol Aircraft. The fixed-wing Drone departed from Hutchinson Medical Center in Hutchinson, KS, and arrived at the affiliated Rice County District Hospital in Lyons, KS. In comparison, the same passage would have taken 45 minutes to complete by road.

Spright can now enable faster and more efficient on-demand transport of basic medical supplies. The drone company is proud to lead the UAS industry in opening doors of opportunity for commercial drone delivery. It looks forward to the next step to establish a US medical drone network that secures communities with the much need resources to expand healthcare facilities and improve patients’ health. By creating internal efficiencies through enhanced resource allotment, the company delivers the best care possible to the patients.

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