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Hoverfly Technologies Delivers 50th LiveSky to U.S. Government Customer

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Hoverfly Technologies Inc. announced that it has delivered LiveSky System number 50 to a U.S. Government Customer. Due to the contract requirements, the customer cannot be identified but is a volume buyer, who has now received and deployed numerous LiveSky Systems for persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

The LiveSky tethered drone (TUAS) is in use by government, public safety, and corporate customers for a range of ISR, security, and communication relay functions. Power for LiveSky is supplied up the tether from a grid, vehicle, vessel, or generator source, allowing it to fly for an unlimited duration. Power travels up the tether to LiveSky while secure communications and video travel down the tether to ground stations or Ethernet networks. Since the LiveSky does not use radio frequency (RF) signals to operate it cannot be jammed, hacked, spoofed or intercepted using RF devices.

The 50th delivered system is Hoverfly’s new LiveSky SkyBox configuration, which can be put in a mobile vehicle or installed on fixed infrastructure and operated beyond visual line of site (BVLOS).

“Delivering the 50th LiveSky System to this customer is a testament to our $12 million investment in engineering development over the last several years to bring a truly autonomous enterprise TUAS solution to the market. The fact that it works from moving vehicles or vessels provides customers flexibility and tremendous value,” according to Rob Topping, Hoverfly CEO.

LiveSky works in all weather conditions, including when rain, smoke, and dust are present. This is possible because LiveSky does not use optical landing techniques like cameras or IR emitters which are foiled by obscurants, often leading to catastrophic results with other types of systems.

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