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Greek Islands connected by BVLOS drone deliveries of parcels and emergency goods

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Greek Islands connected by BVLOS drone deliveries of parcels and emergency goods

RigiTech is proud to announce the successful launch of their Eiger drone system in Greece, marking a significant step forward in the realm of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone delivery, and further proving the viability of its technology in Europe. This milestone achievement is the result of a pioneering collaboration between PROBOTEKUni SystemsACSPleiades IoT Innovation Cluster, and Drops Smart Hubs, and promises to revolutionise parcel delivery and emergency goods transportation between Greek islands.

The project kicked off on September 8, carrying out the first test operation, managed remotely via RigiCloud from Kos and Pserimos. The Eiger performed an 8-minute flight connecting points over the ocean that are 12 km apart, displaying its excellence when it comes to overcoming challenging climatic conditions, safety and regulations. Safety remains a top priority in all RigiTech BVLOS operations, and thus all project partners are working closely with Greek aviation authorities to ensure strict compliance with safety regulations and air traffic management.

The partnership between these Greek industry leaders marks a significant leap in the evolution of drone technology and its applications in logistics and emergency services. The project’s primary objective is to validate the feasibility and efficiency of BVLOS drone delivery, addressing the unique challenges posed by Greece’s island geography. “RigiTech is proud to partner with companies that are committed to the optimisation of aerial logistics, especially when the end goal is connecting remote areas that can quickly benefit from this new aerial solution, offering faster and more efficient logistics”, said David Rovira, Chief Business Officer and co-founder at RigiTech.

The project’s focus on creating a lifeline for the timely transportation of emergency supplies, medicines, and vital resources to communities during crises and emergencies is aligned with RigiTech’s overarching mission, as reiterated by Adam Klaptocz, CEO and co-founder: “Our team has developed very reliable technology with the goal of exponentially improving logistics, and we’re beginning to see this implemented in different parts of the world where it can really make a difference”.

RigiTech and its partners are excited to embark on this transformative journey in Greece, demonstrating the potential of BVLOS drone technology to ultimately improve the quality of life for residents and boost economic opportunities.

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