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GeoCue and CHC Navigation Join Forces to Unveil an Exclusive LiDAR Innovation with the New TrueView 540

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GeoCue and CHC Navigation Join Forces to Unveil an Exclusive LiDAR Innovation with the New TrueView 540

GeoCue, a leading geospatial hardware and software provider, and CHC Navigation, a pioneer in precision positioning solutions, proudly announce the launch of the TrueView 540. This innovative collaboration brings forth a new efficient and flexible survey-grade LiDAR system to North America, introducing an unparalleled combination of the LiDAR payload with LP360 3D Point Cloud Processing Software.

TrueView 540 is a next-generation intelligent aerial surveying system developed by CHC Navigation, available through GeoCue. This next generation of intelligent aerial surveying is the result of six years of innovation and three years of meticulous product development, harnessing the power of CHCNAV’s state-of-the-art LiDAR technology.

The TrueView 540 integrates survey-grade high-precision LiDAR, an accurate positioning and orientation system, and a full-frame industrial camera. This unique combination enables fast and accurate acquisition of 3D data in a compact and lightweight LiDAR system that can be easily installed on various drones like the popular DJI Matrice 350 or any 3rd party compatible UAVs.

“GeoCue is excited to bring the TrueView 540 to the market,” explains Frank Darmayan, CEO of GeoCue. “This collaboration with CHC Navigation represents a significant advancement in aerial surveying technology, providing professionals with a unique combination of a best-in-class LIDAR sensor with the best-in-class processing software,” says Darmayan.“

George Zhao, founder, and CEO of CHC Navigation, also looks forward to the new collaboration. “I am proud to join forces with GeoCue to introduce the TrueView 540 to the market,” he said. “Our collaboration is built on shared principles and ideologies, such as integrity, excellence, and a commitment to the vision of creating an intelligent world through precise geospatial information. GeoCue mirrors our dedication to delivering competitive, high-value-added technologies and services to our customers. Together, we embark on a journey to redefine geospatial solutions and set new standards in the industry.”

Key Features of TrueView 540:

  • Survey-Grade LiDAR: The system features high-precision LiDAR technology, comparable to the range, density, and accuracy of high-end industry-standard payloads.
  • Availability: TrueView 540 is available through GeoCue and authorized GeoCue distributors, providing a unique product in the market.
  • Efficient Data Processing: All processing for TrueView 540 is done using GeoCue’s LP360 Drone, ensuring streamlined and efficient data processing.
  • Attractive Pricing: GeoCue and CHCNAV bring a high-performance yet competitively priced alternative to the UAV LiDAR market.

Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil, CEO of GeoCue parent company mdGroup explained, “With the launch of TrueView 540, we now present a distinctive and compelling choice, blending exceptional performance with an appealing price point, available exclusively from GeoCue and our trusted distribution partners. Our new product provides geospatial professionals with a game-changing, high-end payload at an accessible price, enhancing end-user efficiency and maximizing their return on investment.”

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