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Flirtey Announces New Brand SkyDrop

by Editor

Flirtey is excited to announce that it is rebranding its last-mile drone delivery business to SkyDrop. SkyDrop is the leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of drone delivery systems for operators of last-mile delivery, as well as existing drone companies around the world.

SkyDrop Founder and CEO Matthew Sweeny said, “We have been overwhelmed by demand since we started taking pre-orders for our best-in-class last-mile drone delivery product. We are seeing enormous demand coming from operators, who are rapidly adding delivery drones to their existing fleets. Today, we are announcing our new brand SkyDrop, and focusing on selling and licensing our hardware, software, and patents to leading operators around the world at the forefront of the trillion-dollar store-to-door delivery market.”

The rapidly growing market for operators of SkyDrop’s best-in-class last-mile drone delivery product was recently validated by SkyDrop’s deal with Mesa Air Group, the regional operator for United and American Airlines, who has become the first scheduled airline to launch drone delivery in the U.S.

SkyDrop has refined their business model to be the OEM, focused on selling drone hardware and licensing autonomous software and patents to operators and existing drone companies all around the world. These operators are initially focused on servicing the trillion-dollar food delivery market with an intent to expand to additional markets.

In certain growth markets, SkyDrop may choose to be an initial operator of their own technology to ensure new operators and their customers grow successfully into these markets.

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