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First phase of property survey with LiDAR technology under NMMC to be available by July 2022

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The first phase of the survey of properties under the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC), to be carried out with the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology will be completed by July this year. While reviewing the survey work, civic chief Abhijit Bangar directed the agency as well as the officials attached with the project to take utmost care in the survey.

A Survey of properties under the NMMC jurisdiction with the LiDAR technology is going on. Using the LiDAR technology that has the feature of video recording with 360-degree panoramic will help NMMC to identify the unassessed properties in its jurisdiction.

According to an official attached to the project, the technology, coupled with video recordings, measures the length, breadth, and height of properties and roads on which they stand. The survey will help the civic body to maintain records of any changes made to the buildings.

The agency hired for survey work with the LiDAR technology shared the procedures being carried out with the civic administration. They informed the civic body that a special app will be developed for the on-spot survey. They will expedite the survey by using drones for which the agency is working to get necessary approvals from the state government and other agencies. Civic chief Bangar assured all cooperation in getting necessary approval for the use of drones.

The civic body claims that the Lidar-based technology is based on Geographic Information System (GIS mapping) and this will increase the income of the corporation by getting the right information of properties in its jurisdiction. It will improve the financial position of the corporation.

“It will update the information about the properties owned by the corporation as well as the waterways, sewerage, street lights, various civic amenities in the city. It will be useful for planning the overall development of the corporation area as it provides complete and accurate information about all the properties,” said civic chief Bangar. He added that the first phase of the survey will be completed by July this year.

In addition, around 100 employees will be given training for collecting and editing information received during the survey, and around 50 employees will be given technical training.

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