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Edw. C Levy Modernizes Data Collection and Improves Inventory Management with Kespry

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Kespry, the leading drone-based Aerial Intelligence solution provider announced Edw. C Levy is using the Kespry Aerial Intelligence platform for topographic analysis and inventory management. Levy is a leading construction, aggregates, and facilities company that provides asphalt, aggregates, concrete, agricultural products, and other materials to its customers in North America, Central and South America, western EuropeAsia, and Australia.

“One of my chief responsibilities is looking over the land on our work sites,” said Matthew Van Slembrouck, Mine Planning Engineer, Levy. “It’s crucial that I understand the topography and site conditions because, among other reasons, having an accurate inventory helps improve our bottom-line. Kespry has been a game-changer for our inventory audits and adjustments, and the drones have made our works sites significantly safer in multiple ways.”

Van Slembrouck and his team pilot the Kespry drones to gain topographic analysis of their work sites, which not only results in incredibly accurate data, but also drastically improves site safety. Many construction and facilities companies contract with third parties for inventory audits, which introduces a great deal of potential risk exposure due to the contractors’ unfamiliarity with the sites. With the Kespry drones, Levy eliminates a number of potential risk factors and takes matters into their own hands.

“We’ve partnered with Levy for a number of years now,” said Krishnan Hariharan, CEO, Kespry. “We’ve loved working with Matt and his team to be able to help them achieve impressive results with the Kespry platform, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see our partnership evolve as Levy’s needs have changed and scaled. We’re thrilled that we’re a pivotal part of Levy not only achieving greater safety on their sites, but also greater accuracy in their inventory for better bottom-line results.”

Levy now has two Kespry drones, which the team pilots nearly every day to inspect the sites and conduct inventory audits. The drones have allowed Levy’s site managers to focus more on their expertise and less on the field-work, knowing that the sites are safe and secure.

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