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DroneUp Completes First Smart City Drone Delivery in Ontario

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DroneUp announced that they completed the first smart city drone delivery in Ontario, CA, with Brookfield Properties at New Haven. Other firsts for the residents of Ontario and the New Haven masterplan community included robot carts, e-scooters, and smart hubs. These smart city breakthroughs come as New Haven unveils major retail openings at New Haven Marketplace.

The technology advancements result from long-term investment by the City of Ontario and Brookfield Properties, which further define the city as one of the most progressive in the U.S., providing technology that vastly improves everyday life for residents. New Haven is the fastest growing community in California and 5th in the U.S.

DroneUp, along with drone software leader Airspace Link, worked to bring drone delivery from New Haven Marketplace businesses and services directly to residents via drone. Following these test trials, Ontario and New Haven plan to offer the first authorized drone flights in this large California city. These will also be the first flights near a major airport (Ontario International Airport) and the first drone flights with direct city involvement.

Ontario Mayor Paul S. Leon said, “The New Haven masterplan debuted in 2015 as a ‘gigabit community,’ with lightning-fast downloads far surpassing other cities in the country. Since then, our partnership with Brookfield Residential has continued to deliver the best, most cutting-edge, and practical technology. It’s all about Community, Connectivity, and Convenience. And these new tools – enhancing and simplifying life at New Haven – boost sustainability and businesses while propelling Ontario among the nation’s top, smart-technology cities.”

“We are pleased to see the leadership in Ontario ensure their community has the right safety procedures in place and is ready to support advanced commercial drone operations,” said Michael Healander, CEO of Airspace Link. “Brookfield Properties recognizes a need for greater connectivity and convenience with residential homes and populations migrating out of downtown urban environments and into more rural and suburban environments.”

“Drones are the future of developing smart cities. This is particularly true for residential and retail developments seeking to create an ecosystem where engaging drones can advance connecting people to services with speed and convenience, eliminating traffic while also offering sustainable and greener options for receiving goods and services,” stated Tripp Shannon, CRO of DroneUp, “Ontario is forward-thinking. We are pleased to support their testing initiative to streamline city operations so that city planners can improve their understanding of how communities work together using technology.”

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