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DroneShield releases DroneGun Mk4

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DroneShield releases DroneGun Mk4

DroneShield is pleased to release a breakthrough new product, DroneGun Mk4, following extensive development in response to end-user feedback. The product is available for purchase from now to qualified end-users, where lawful.

Product summary is available at: https://www.droneshield.com/products/dronegun-mk4.

DroneGun Mk4 is a portable pistol-shape drone jammer, weighing 3.2kg. The Company believes this product is peerless globally, for its combination of size and effectiveness. DroneGun Mk4 is designed as an addition to the DroneGun product line, rather than replacing the highly successful long range DroneGun Tactical, and the ultra-lightweight DroneGun MK3, providing an optimal balance between size and capability. DroneGun Mk4 can also be used in combination with other DroneShield products, including the RfPatrol body-worn detection device and the DroneSentry stationary multi-sensor detection system.

Angus Bean, DroneShield Chief Technology Officer, commented: “DroneGun is an iconic DroneShield brand of products, from the original first-generation unit released in late 2016, to this latest offering. The product line has a deep heritage globally including U.S. DoD and all main western militaries, intelligence community globally and law enforcement customers. This product features break-through technologies such as advanced waveforms to offer unparalleled performance for its size and weight.”

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