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DroneShield adds long-range radar, enhances test site

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DroneShield adds long-range radar, enhances test site

DroneShield has announced the addition of the long-range RADA RPS-82 radar capabilities to its flagship DroneSentry System, to serve its multi-sensor customer deployments. RPS-82 provides operators with enhanced radar detection, classification and tracking range for wide area, multi-mission requirements. It has been integrated into the DroneSentry system of sensors, rapidly leveraging the modular and open architecture of DroneSentry-C2.

“DroneShield is unique globally, in being both a sensor maker and an integrator, developing and manufacturing all of our products, except for the hardware of radars and cameras, where we partner with best-in-breed specialist manufacturers,” said Angus Bean, DroneShield’s CTO.

“Our command-and-control DroneSentry-C2 system intelligently fuses the output from various sensor types through our proprietary SFAI sensorfusion module, producing an easy to understand situational awareness and extensive reporting functionality.”

Alongside of integration of RPS-82, the company has upgraded its Blue Mountains remotely operated facility, to scale up and streamline the development and testing of its platforms. The site will allow the team to shorten development cycles and deliver firmware updates to DroneShield’s subscribed customer base more efficiently, and includes the integration of the RADA RPS-82 radar system, permanently installed onsite.

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