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Drones World Editor Kartikeya in conversation with Mr. Sam Lapko – CEO – LumaSky.show

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Drones World Editor Kartikeya in conversation with Mr. Sam Lapko - CEO - LumaSky.show

How best can you describe the journey of LumaSky since its humble beginnings to where it is now?

Starting as a small team of drone enthusiasts, we took a huge step forward both as a team and professionals. Our first shows used only a few dozens of drones and consisted of just 2-3 formations. Today, launching 3000 drones daily became quite an easy task. We managed to grow to a significant 5,000 drones and more than 50 professionals from various fields onboard. With the dedication of the crew members and the commitment of our highly valued partners, we gradually built the company known today for its fresh approach, innovative ideas, and creative drone show design. Sometimes we had good luck, other times not, but we consistently worked hard to push the boundaries not only of the field, but also of ourselves.

Would you mind sharing the details of your services & nostalgic shows till date?

Lumasky provides one of the most flexible drone show services on the planet. Since we develop our own drones, we have full control over all aspects of both hardware and software. This enables us to create designs that no other team can achieve. For example, our shows can start literally from the ground, creating patterns just one meter above the surface, which captivates the audience seconds after take-off. The speed at which our drones travel allows us to conduct complex yet beautiful transitions, making them a part of the show. Small in size and flexible in placement, our drones can also be used in confined take-off areas. Additionally, our outstanding personnel allow us to prepare displays in record time. There was an instance when a client, whose request was refused by another provider due to an unsuitable take-off area, needed a display ready in two days. We didn’t sleep those nights, but the client was ultimately satisfied. We consistently strive to expand our global presence and introduce this technology to as many new countries as possible. In just two years, we have brought the first-ever drone displays to Bangladesh, Peru, Gabon, Angola, and many other countries.

Emerging technologies like block chain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence have found many usages in different fields. What can you comment on them?

The development of these technologies in recent years has been truly impressive, and we strive to keep our fingers on the pulse. Our designers are working on implementing AI into creating designs for displays, while our programmers develop algorithms that automatically calculate trajectories for transitions, based on the entire display. Utilizing new technologies in our work allows us to reduce the time needed for display preparation and to provide even more flexibility to our clients.

What do you see as the biggest challenges & opportunities in drone Shows?

As technology rapidly develops and becomes more widely available, we predict it may proliferate much like fireworks have. Nowadays, anyone can go to a store, purchase some firecrackers, and create a vibrant display right in their backyard. The invention of a stable and exceedingly precise indoor navigation system will also transform the landscape of drone shows, making it even more accessible. The level of regulation required today will likely decrease. Soon, every major football game could captivate fans with thousands of drones operating INSIDE the stadium, not just outside. Drone displays will become increasingly affordable, batteries will boast higher capacities, and soon we may see tens of thousands of drones participating in displays that go viral globally. Some even envision immense screens in the sky composed of numerous drones advertising your favorite brands in unprecedented ways.

What is your vision for LumaSky in the next 3-5 years?

As technology enthusiasts, we will continue to develop our drones, our systems, and the algorithms we use to control them. As viewers become increasingly demanding and seek to be wowed in the most innovative ways, our creative team will strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible. For instance, drones are not only quadcopters; there are plenty of fixed-wing solutions. Why not integrate them and compete with traditional jet air shows? We have many ideas, and I hope we’ll bring many of them to life in the near future.

What is the best way to approach you for the Drone Shows?

You can always contact us via our website, which can be found at lumasky.show. Alternatively, you can simply drop us a line via email at contact@lumasky.show, and our talented team will get in touch shortly.

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