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DroneBase Names Vestas Executive Joel LeBlanc as General Manager Wind Energy

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DroneBase Names Vestas Executive Joel LeBlanc as General Manager Wind Energy

DroneBase, the global leader in aerial imaging and data analytics for the development and maintenance of renewable energy assets announced the appointment of former Vestas executive Joel LeBlanc to lead the company’s growth and services in wind energy.

“Having spent more than a decade in the global wind after-market services, Joel LeBlanc has one of the most unique backgrounds in wind energy. That experience gives him an unparalleled understanding of how DroneBase’s intelligent imaging and data analytics enables global OEMs and owner/operators to mitigate risk and loss, increase energy production, and, importantly, improve siting and development of the power plant,” said DroneBase founder and CEO Dan Burton. “DroneBase continues to deliver programs that are benefitting the renewable energy industry and I am thrilled to work closely with him in this important global market.”

DroneBase is the only company to serve both wind and solar globally, working with some of the largest renewable energy OEMs, asset owners, and O&M providers to deliver fast, affordable, and reliable data. The company’s data management platform leverages data capture from a variety of modalities, from hand-held devices to manned aircraft. The company operates the world’s largest network of over 80,000 drone pilots in more than 70 countries, enabling global renewable energy asset owners and operators to streamline and standardize how they collect imagery data across geographies.

The global wind energy market is set to expand dramatically over the next five years, adding a projected 490 GW. According to published reports, three quarters of wind energy systems underperform due to overestimation of production, natural resource volatility, or equipment problems. Standardized data analytics from aerial imaging can help pinpoint these issues for risk loss mitigation and planning.

“The wind energy industry is in the very early stages of understanding just how important it is to have a scalable approach to standardized, year-over-year imagery data. Having actionable, reliable and well-designed data and analytics from imaging can increase generation and revenues from wind energy systems in a way that standard dashboards are not capable of delivering,” said LeBlanc, who will report directly to CEO Dan Burton. “DroneBase provides reliable and standardized imagery data no matter where in the world your energy system is – and we do this either through managing the entire process as a service or by helping energy companies collect the data in-house for DroneBase to then analyze.”

LeBlanc most recently served as Vestas Wind Systems’ Global Head of Parts and Repair Services business. In this role, he worked closely with leading owners/operators of wind energy systems to improve generation and forecasting.

DroneBase recently announced an expansion of $12.5 million in its Series C investment round to add leading renewable energy investors, such as Energy Transition Ventures. The company has more than 37 GW of aerial data and analytics in renewable energy globally.

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