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DroneAcharya acquires DroneEntry, aims to aid in standardising drone workflow

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DroneAcharya acquires DroneEntry, aims to aid in standardising drone workflow

DroneEntry, a Canadian software firm founded by Uzayr Siddiqui in 2017, with the goal to tackle the impending spike in the number of drones in the sky, has now been acquired by DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Limited. Expected to grow to a massive 1.2 trillion dollars in the coming years, the drone industry requires a number of tools to make its adoption easier in the existing workflows. The DroneEntry is one such solution that will enable project management, hiring talent and managing drone pilot profiles. Standardisation is the need of the hour for the industry and this portal aims to do just this.

DroneEntry: An overview

“DroneEntry is the future of the global drone industry. Engaging with a company like DroneAcharya, that has a foresight of making this product a necessity for every drone company and drone pilot, aligns with Drone Entry’s vision.” says Uzayr Siddiqui, the Founder & CEO of DroneEntry.

DroneEntry is a workflow management tool for drone pilots and enterprises that enables stakeholders, potential employers, and drone operators to keep a check on various aspects of a project. This includes their ability to actually fly the drone and the projects they’ve completed. Their programme is a relatively straightforward solution that enables drone pilots to share their expertise, the kinds of tasks they’ve completed, and the project you want to submit a bid for. Just like that. Why should people care? Because they prefer having someone who is more qualified to fly drones around them rather than someone who is less qualified. Their software benefits both sides of the industry by making the sky safer and making it possible to use drones much more safely.

With an aim to standardize the drone market, Chairman and Managing Director of DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Limited, Prateek Srivastava adds, “A platform like DroneEntry can initialise the movement towards sustainable growth of the drone sector throughout the world. With multiple access control solutions like the profiles for pilots, project management for stakeholders and project overviews for clients, we can provide the complete picture of the project on a single platform. We look forward to constructive suggestions for the application, as more players enter the drone markets.”

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