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DreamGlass 4K – Portable & Private Augmented Reality Glasses Launched

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Dreamworld AR announced the launch of Dream Glass 4K, the world’s first 4K augmented reality glasses with a 200-inch AR screen for movies, games and much more. The AR headset is now available on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/f2c161c2#/

Dreamworld AR is an industry leader in Augmented Reality. The company’s first consumer AR headset, Dream Glass Air, was a huge success and raised over $1 million USD in August 2019. Dreamworld AR set a new standard for what is achievable yet affordable when it comes to portable AR glasses. Now the company is back with a new version with 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution and 200-inch screen size, which are both tops of the industry. 

Dream Glass 4K is lightweight and portable. Its compact design makes it perfect for on the go. It can plug-and-play into smartphones, drones and all major gaming consoles, projecting any multimedia content onto a stunning 200-inch AR screen.

“We have been working in the AR field for years and see its great potential for entertainment, gaming and learning. However, most people haven’t had the chance to experience it due to the prohibitive cost. At Dreamworld, we believe in ‘Tech for People’ and our goal was to provide incredible AR experience at an accessible price. We had great success with our previous AR products and now we are back with Dream Glass 4K, a 200-inch UHD AR cinema that costs a fraction of other AR headsets. Now, everyone can enjoy the incredible AR experience,” said Kevin Zhong, CEO, Dreamworld AR.

Dream Glass 4K ushers in a new era of entertainment. These portable glasses provide ultra-high-definition personal cinema/gaming experience anytime and anywhere. They are available now on Indiegogo with special pricing for early birds.

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