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Digital Global Systems Announces CLEARSKY™ Drone Threat Management System Selected At Bristol (UK) Airport

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In collaboration with deployment partners, Telent and Airpoint International, DGS announces the successful trial of its CLEARSKY™ Drone Threat Management system at Bristol (UK) Airport. As part of a 3-year commitment DGS will provide a market-leading network capable of providing detection, classification, and location of unauthorized drones and controllers operating in the flight restriction zones.

CLEARSKY™ is a market leader in counter-drone systems due to its unique approach towards detecting and classifying drone threats.  This approach delivers detection distances with classification and critical location information provided in a timely fashion. By combining machine learning techniques and DGS’ strength in wireless signals management, CLEARSKY™ provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability in the detection process.

In addition to superior range and accuracy, DGS is highlighting the system’s ability to locate both the drone and the controller. “As the incident at Gatwick Airport and other airports demonstrate, these capabilities would have been essential in helping security personnel locate the perpetrators,” says Fernando Murias, Chairman and CEO of DGS. “Additionally, CLEARSKY™ is designed to operate in chaotic and noisy RF environments, including airports and sports stadiums. Market feedback indicates that other counter-drone vendors have trouble detecting in these real-world environments,” he added.

DGS CLEARSKY™ also supports several additional features that are critical in the counter-drone market:

  • Machine Learning
  • Local Adaptations
  • 3rd-Party System Integration
  • Anomalous Signal Detection

“Like all major airports, Bristol Airport is fully aware of the disruption that both unauthorized and malicious drone usage can cause,” said Javid Haq, Security Operations Manager at Bristol Airport. “As an airport relied upon by thousands of daily domestic and international passengers, it is impossible to understate the importance of ensuring that we implement a high-performing and accurate drone threat system. We are confident that the CLEARSKY™ Drone Threat Management system can provide industry leading protection within our multilayered system thanks to the accurate level of information the network can provide and the integration into our threat management protocols, the DGS system will help us keep the airspace, airport and local community safe.”

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